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  About us publications: A-D

Title Type Size Date
Aboriginal people and ethnic minority groups: Accessing our driver licensing services PDF 1 Mb 06-Jun-17
Annual Report: DoT structure (2015/2016) PDF 163 Kb 19-Oct-17
Annual Report: Transport Portfolio structure (2015/2016) PDF 197 Kb 19-Oct-17
Complaints management policy PDF 63 Kb 07-Jun-17
Connecting People and Places 2017-18 PDF 6 Mb 23-Oct-18
Defined remote area of Western Australia map PDF 76 Kb 30-Jan-18
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2017-2022) PDF 752 Kb 16-Jul-18
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2017-2022) (text only version) Word 160 Kb 16-Jul-18

  About us publications: E-H

Title Type Size Date
Enforcement and prosecution policy PDF 1 Mb 16-Mar-16
Freedom of Information: Application notes PDF 38 Kb 05-Sep-18

  About us publications: I-L

Title Type Size Date
Department of the Premier and Cabinet: Lead agency framework Link   06-Apr-17
Freedom of information: Information statement PDF 102 Kb 13-Jul-18

  About us publications: M-P

Title Type Size Date
Map: defined remote area of Western Australia PDF 72 Kb 02-Apr-19
Organisational structure: Department of Transport PDF 141 Kb 06-Aug-19
Organisational structure: Transport Portfolio PDF 10 Kb 02-Aug-19
Pensioner Annual Free Trip Scheme (PAFTS): Summary PDF 255 Kb 06-Jun-17
Perth CBD disability parking bays [ACROD] (on street) PDF 658 Kb 11-Sep-17
Perth CBD public parking and disability parking bays [ACROD] (off street) PDF 658 Kb 11-Sep-17
Perth parking policy 2014 (Western Australian Gazette) PDF 986 Kb 01-Feb-17
Public Interest Disclosures: Statement to Stakeholders PDF 41 Kb 31-Jan-18

  About us publications: Q-T

Title Type Size Date
Reconciliation Action Plan (2017/2019) PDF 26 Mb 21-May-19
Reconciliation Action Plan (2017/2019) PDF 977 Kb 26-Jun-17
Remote Services: Communities, towns and regions we service, support and assist (map) PDF 1 Mb 28-Sep-17
Remote Services: Proof of Identity - application requirements PDF 343 Kb 27-Nov-17
Remote Services: Your car rego and number plates PDF 316 Kb 02-Jan-18
Strategic Direction PDF 5 Mb 13-Sep-18
Student travel subsidies policy PDF 185 Kb 02-Apr-19
Substantive Equality Framework: Implementation Plan (2015/2018) PDF 541 Kb 31-Aug-16
Substantive Equality: Implementation framework responsibilities and accountabilities PDF 16 Kb 15-Nov-16
Transport items for local government authorities (DAIP) PDF 137 Kb 07-Jun-17
Transport Portfolio Strategic Framework PDF 4 Mb 06-Nov-18

  About us publications: U-Z

Title Type Size Date
Universal access PDF 239 Kb 02-Jun-17
Vision impairment: background accessibility information PDF 325 Kb 02-Jun-17


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