Disability access and inclusion plan

The Department of Transport (DoT) is committed to providing services and infrastructure to the diverse Western Australian community, including people with disability, in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.

2023 highlights

The Transport Portfolio Disability Access and Inclusion Plan highlights publication for 2023 is now available. It sets out some of the Portfolio’s progress and achievements in implementing the Plan to date.

This publication has been developed using an online presentation program for a more accessible customer experience, including the ability to switch to accessibility view.

You can view the publication via the link below.

Transport Portfolio DAIP 2023 highlights

  Transport Portfolio Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2022-2027

The Transport Portfolio is committed to providing services (including employment) and infrastructure to Western Australian’s diverse community in a fair and inclusive way that provides access for people with disability, their families and carers.

Our commitment is demonstrated in the Portfolio’s DAIP which identifies a number of key strategies to improve outcomes and opportunities for people with disability. This plan is supported by agency specific detailed DAIP implementation plans that propose actions to support achievement of the strategies.

DoT’s internal Access and Inclusion Committee monitors the implementation of the plan.

Please refer to contact details below if you would like a copy of the DAIP in a different format or to obtain further information.

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  Department of Transport,
140 William Street,
Perth WA 6000
13 11 56   Email

  Reporting requirements for State Government contractors

Contractors who provide services to the public on DoT’s behalf may have obligations in relation to the Transport Portfolio Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, including to:

  • implement the DAIP to the extent practicable; and
  • report to DoT by 30 June each year on its activities relevant to implementation of the DAIP.

The DAIP reports are to be submitted to the relevant contact manager. There is no template for the report, however it should relate to relevant strategies listed in the DAIP.  Contractors should contact their relevant contract manager for further information.

  Access and Inclusion Committee Communiqué

Department of Transport (DoT) is committed to ensuring our workplaces, information and services (including employment) are inclusive and accessible to all Western Australians.

Our internal Access and Inclusion Committee identifies opportunities and develops strategies to overcome access and inclusion barriers and oversees the development, implementation and review of our Reconciliation Action Plan, Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Multicultural Plan and Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

The Committee meets three times a year. Following Committee meetings an update on the latest access and inclusion news and information is published on our website.

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