Boating guides and activities

Find out about safety and rules related to watersports in Western Australia, including diving, water skiing, tow-in surfing and personal watercraft.

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 Boating guides

The boating guides have been developed for popular boating locations and contain local marine safety information including boating hazards, facilities, speed restricted areas, water-ski, PWC and closed water areas.

 Wing-in-ground effect vessel

A wing-in-ground effect vessel (WIG) uses a cushion of air pressure generated between the craft and the surface of the water to enable the craft to fly slightly above the water over certain distances.


Find out about diving flags, lights, signals and other important diving information.

 Electric hydrofoil

An electric hydrofoil is a surfboard with a hydrofoil attached with mechanical means of propulsion.

 Kite and windsurfing

Western Australia is a world class venue for kite boarding, and whether at an elite or recreational level, it is important to always ensure your safety comes first. Find out how to kite and wind surf safely, including safety equipment and tips.

 Paddle craft

Find out how to paddle safe including safety equipment and tips, visibility, navigation lights, registration and preparing for your voyage.

 Personal watercraft

Find out important personal watercraft information, including safety equipment, safe distances, age limits, freestyle diving and prohibited areas.

 Tow-in surfing

Find out about tow-in surfing in Western Australia, including exemptions, equipment, preparation and what to do in an emergency.

 Water skiing

Find out about water skiing, parasailing, and towing inflatables or boards in Western Australia. Here you can find out about your responsibilities, safety, reporting incidents and location of water ski areas.

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