Consular number plates

Consular plates are issued to vehicles driven by Honorary and Career Consuls from other countries.

  About consular number plates

The process of issuing Consular plates is governed by the Treaty of Vienna 1963 to which Australia is a signatory. The treaty has been ratified by an Act of Parliament.

A letter of authorisation from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade must be provided before the plates may be issued.

Consular plates are manufactured in aluminium and have black characters on a white background. The words 'Consular Plate' are embossed on the bottom of the plate.

Plates in the series are issued as follows:

  • CC 1000 to CC 1999 for Career Consuls; and
  • CC 2000 to CC 2999 for Honorary Consuls.

Note: Consular plates are only issued at the West Perth Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centre.

If a vehicle with Consular plates is sold to a person other than a Consular officer or otherwise disposed of, the plates must be returned to the West Perth Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centre.

  Fitting plates to your vehicle

Screws are not supplied with plates issued by DoT.

Standard plates are made of aluminium and have the following dimensions:

  • Motor vehicle plate 372 mm x 134 mm.
  • Motorcycle plate 254 mm x 100 mm.
  • Auxiliary plate 253 mm x 99 mm.

Optional plates are made of aluminium or acrylic and the sizes of the various plate series can be found by visiting PlatesWA, or on the first page of the Optional Plates Application Form.

If optional plates are ordered and the application approved, the plates will not be released until they can be affixed to a licensed vehicle.

You will need to organise the removal of the old plates and attach the new plates or arrange for them to be fitted by a car dealership or garage.

WA number plates are issued to identify licensed vehicles. If you are responsible for a vehicle, you must ensure that any plate or plates issued are kept rigidly fixed to the vehicle and displayed in line with the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (WA). WA number plates must not be used for decorative purposes or kept for sentimental reasons. If the plates are no longer in use, they must be returned to the DoT. Failure to do so, may lead to a penalty.

You will need to buy and affix an auxiliary plate if a bike rack or mobility device is attached to your vehicle and obstructs the view of your rear number plate. Refer to auxiliary plates

If the existing vehicle number plates have been lost, stolen or damaged then standard replacement processes apply. Refer to Replace lost/stolen or damaged number plates

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