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Corporate series plates

The most cost-effective mobile advertising for your business - Corporate series plates enable you to promote your business on the move by branding your Western Australian company cars or fleet of vehicles.

  Character and logo options

All requested character combinations are subject to approval by the Department.  A plate series must include a combination of alpha and numeric characters to a maximum of six (6) characters for aluminium plates and eight (8) characters for acrylic plates. The maximum number of alpha characters or numeric characters that can be selected is four (4).

For example:

  • ABC123
  • AB1234
  • ABCD12
  • ABC1234
  • ABCD1234

Where the numeric combination consists of one digit the digit will be centred in the space remaining after the logo.

Colour and material options

Corporate series plates are available in just about any colour you can imagine. You may also add logos and slogans of your choice.

Corporate series plates come in a choice of aluminium or acrylic.

Sample image Material
Corporate plate, acrylic Acrylic
Corporate plate, aluminium Aluminium

  Cost and how to order

The price for each set of Corporate series plates varies according to the material, the number of colours featured in the logo and how many orders are placed in the initial order.

Please send your enquiry by e-mail to discuss your requirements.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email

  Corporate series plates: Size options

Corporate series plates are not available for motorcycles.

Corporate series sizes

Motor vehicles Size
Normal size 372mm x 134mm

  Fitting plates to your vehicle

Screws are not supplied with plates issued by DoT.

You will need to organise the removal of the old plates and attachment of the new plates yourself, or arrange for them to be fitted by a car dealership or garage.

When a bicycle rack, wheelchair carrier or other device is fitted to the towbar of the vehicle and it or the load obscures the visibility of the rear number plate, an auxiliary plate should be securely affixed in an upright position parallel to the vehicle axles, no higher than the vehicle roof line so that it is clearly visible to the rear. Auxiliary plates are manufactured with mounting holes and slots pre-drilled to assist with options to affix the plate to the carrier or load.

What do I do with my auxiliary plate when I am not displaying it on my vehicle?

We suggest you keep your auxiliary plate in a safe and secure location when not in use.

What happens if I lose my auxiliary plate or it is stolen or damaged?

Where an auxiliary plate is lost, stolen or damaged but the existing vehicle number plates are intact you can apply and pay for a new auxiliary plate through your DoTDirect online account.

If the existing vehicle number plates have been lost, stolen or damaged then standard replacement processes apply. Refer to Replace lost/stolen or damaged number plates

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