Digital billing

Digital billing is a way of receiving a version of your licence renewal and other DoT invoices and notices electronically. It's an easy, convenient and secure way to receive, store and pay your bills.


  How to register for digital billing

You can choose to receive your invoices and notices either by BPAY View or email billing.

Receive your invoice via email

Register using one of the following options:

1. DoTDirect

Log into your DoTDirect account or register for one below.

Log in to your online account Register for DoTDirect


Go to your Profile page and select ‘Change delivery preference’ then select the email option.

2. Register over the phone or in person

Call 13 11 56 or visit your local Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or licensing agent. You do not need a DoTDirect account to sign up over the phone or in person.

Your documents will be emailed to you as a PDF and stored on your account so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Receive your invoice via BPAY View

  1. Log into your online banking.
  2. Find the BPAY View logo or View Bills section to register delivery of your DoT invoices. You’ll need your unique Customer Number and Document Reference from your most recent notice to sign up.

Your invoice will be delivered directly to your online banking platform - so you can receive, store and pay your bills directly from your bank account.

  Digital billing: Frequently asked questions

What invoices and notices can I receive through digital billing?

You can choose to receive bills via email or BPay View.

Invoices and notices you can receive through digital billing include:

  • driver’s licence renewal where no photo is required. Driver’s licences requiring a photo will be mailed out;
  • vehicle licence renewal (light, heavy and seasonal);
  • vehicle licence transfer, transfer final demand and transfer infringements;
  • vehicle expired defect notice final demand and infringements;
  • vehicle failure to return plate final demand and infringements; and
  • debit note advice.

How can I change my digital billing delivery preference?

If you would like to change your digital billing preference, simply log in to your DoTDirect account and, on your profile page, select your preferred choice.


Can I register for both BPAY View and email billing?

No. Your DoT invoices and notices will be sent to you via one chosen method.


Can I use digital billing for one DoT service and have a paper invoice for another?

No, all your DoT invoices (which are available electronically) will be sent to you via your one chosen method.


Can I receive my driver’s licence via BPAY View and my vehicle licence through email billing?

No, all your DoT invoices (which are available electronically) will be sent to you via your one chosen method.


How can I be reminded about my invoice payment?

Never miss a payment again; you can opt to receive an email or SMS alert when a renewal/invoice is sent to you.


What if the email with my bill doesn’t arrive in my designated email account?

Make sure you keep your email address in DoTDirect up-to-date. If you do not receive your invoice, please contact us on 13 11 56.


Can I access my previous invoices with digital billing?

Invoices dated 1 November 2019 onwards will be stored and available in both BPAY View and in your DoTDirect account.


What email address can I expect my invoice to come from?

donotreply [at]

Page last updated: Thu Mar 2 2023 9:48:44 AM