Motorcycle licence (R)

Find out how to upgrade an R class licence once you have held your R-E class licence for 2 years.

  Motorcycle (R class) licence

A motorcycle with an engine capacity exceeding 660 cc or a power to weight ratio exceeding 150 kW/t.

R class vehicle

Experience required to upgrade your licence or remove a restriction When you can start learning to drive Licence authorisation
Must have held a Motorcycle (R-E class) licence for at least two (2) years. On attaining your restricted motorcycle (R-E class) licence. If you are authorised to drive R class vehicles you may ride any:
  • Motorcycle with, or without, side car attachment.
  • Any motor carrier.
  • A motor vehicle authorised to be driven by a licence of the preceding motorcycle class.

Note: Holders of an R-E class licence that was issued prior to 5 November 2018, may elect to sit a PDA to upgrade to an R class licence after having held the R-E licence for a minimum period of 12 months.  

  R class unrestricted motorcycle licence

R class motorcycle licences allow you to ride motorcycles with engine capacity exceeding 660 cc or a power-to-weight ratio greater than 150 kW/t. This is also known as an 'unrestricted' motorcycle licence.

In order to gain an R class motorcycle licence, you must have held a LAMS (R-E) class (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) licence for a minimum of 2 years.

For more information, please download the fact sheet.

LBU_DL_B_Get_Motorcycle_Licence.pdf icon Getting your motorcycle licence (Fact sheet) Kb

  Motorcycle competency standard

The vehicle competency standards aim to produce safer drivers and underpin the driver training and licensing system in Western Australia.

The motorcycle competency standards are used by assessors to determine if learner drivers are competent in operating motorcycles. It is not a set of competencies for learner drivers, but should be used as a guide for driving instructors.

LBU_DL_CS_MotorcycleRiderCompetency.pdf icon Motorcycle competency standard Kb

  Step 1: Learn to ride (R class)

Once you have been issued your R-E class licence, you can begin to learn to ride R class motorcycles.

A learner's permit is not required, however, you must:

  • Display L plates.
  • Be accompanied by an approved supervisor.
  • Hold an R-E class licence.

Visit the Learn to drive/ride page for more information on what rules you are subject to as a novice rider.

Please download the printable L-plates.

LBU_DL_I_Lplatelearner.pdf icon 'L' plates: yellow (printable) Kb

  Good Gear Guide (for moped and motorcycle riders)

Good Gear Guide equipment
Good Gear Guide equipment

No matter what you ride - from scooter to superbike - good gear is an investment too important to ignore. It could make the difference between a nasty tumble and injuries that prevent you from ever riding again.

The right gear can also improve your riding and your enjoyment by protecting you from the elements.

This is a guide to gear that will improve your riding comfort and could save you from preventable injuries.

LBU_DL_B_GoodGearGuide.pdf icon Good Gear Guide (for motorcycle and scooter riders) Kb
LBU_DL_FS_QuadBikeHelmetRequire.pdf icon Licensed quad bikes: Helmet requirements (Fact sheet) Kb

  Step 2: Complete an application (Form DLA1)

Once you have held your R-E class licence for 2 years you can apply to upgrade your licence to an R class.

Please download and complete the form.

LBU_F_DL_DLA_1_DriversLicenceApplication.pdf icon Driver's licence application (Form DLA1) Kb

  Step 3: Provide proof of identity

You will be required to submit sufficient proof of your identify for the application.

Please go to Proof of identity for more information.

  Step 4: Submit the application in person (Form DLA1)

Applications to upgrade your licence to an R class must be submitted in person at a Driver and Vehicle Services centre or regional agent.

You will need to provide:

  • Completed vehicle licence application form DLA1.
  • Proof of identity documents.
  • Required fees.

Removal of (motorcycle) class restriction fee

Fee type Fee
Removal of (motorcycle) class restriction (e.g. R-E to R) $81.40 [*]

[*] This fee does not include MC and HC class

LBU_F_DL_DLA_1_DriversLicenceApplication.pdf icon Driver's licence application (Form DLA1) Kb

  Step 5: Pass the Practical Driving Assessment: Motorcycle (R class)

You can take the practical assessment for an R class licence once you:

  • Have held your R-E class licence for at least 2 years.
  • Are confident in your ability to control your vehicle safely.
  • Have completed a sufficient level of supervised riding.

The assessment will determine your general riding skill, such as your ability to:

  • Balance the vehicle at low speeds by riding around a figure-O without putting a foot on the ground.
  • Correctly park and start on a hill.
  • Perform a quick stop under full control without locking either wheel.

During the assessment, you must wear the appropriate attire for riding, such as:

  • Enclosed footwear.
  • Approved helmet.
  • Long trousers.
  • Long-sleeved shirt or fully-sleeved jacket.
  • Gloves and eye protection (highly recommended).

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your PDA, you should:

  • Provide a roadworthy vehicle of the correct class for your assessment. (see 'Getting your motorcycle licence' fact sheet below).
  • Present your primary and secondary identification.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
LBU_DL_B_Get_Motorcycle_Licence.pdf icon Getting your motorcycle licence (Fact sheet) Kb

  Book a PDA (first licence and upgrade)

Book a Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) with the Department of Transport (first licence and upgrade).

Book a Practical Driving Assessment (online)

Learner driver fees

There is no fee for renewing a learner's permit if the learner driver has sat the theory test in the past 5 years. If not, the learner driver will need to sit and pass the learner's permit theory test. (Fee listed below)
Fee type Fee
Learner's permit Computerised Theory Test (CTT)
Sit the learner's permit theory test (CTT) $19.25
Subsequent learner's permit theory resits (CTT) $13.95
Learner's Guide and Log Book (includes access to the Learn&Log app) $7.35
Learner's permit document replacement $30.00
Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
Sit the initial Hazard Perception Test (HPT) $22.20
Every subsequent Hazard Perception Test (HPT) resit $15.40
Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)
Application fee including one Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) $89.15
Every subsequent Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) resit $81.40


PDA bookings may also be made:

Cancellations and changes

Due to the inherent dangers Alpha Inflator airbags pose, a vehicle fitted with a Takata Alpha Inflator airbag, or subject to a critical recall, is not able to be used for a Practical Driving Assessment (PDA). Please see our Vehicle safety, standards and security page for more information about Takata airbags.

  • If your Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) is cancelled less than 2 full working days from the date of your booking you will have to pay to book another.
  • If you are late for your appointment, fail to show up or your log book has not been completed correctly or signed, you will not be assessed and will have to rebook and pay for another PDA.
DVS_F_DL_E49_DecSupervisedNightDriving.pdf icon Declaration of supervised night time driving (Form E49) Kb
LBU_DL_B_PDAOnlineUserGuide.pdf icon Practical Driving Assessment: Online booking service user guide Kb

Who can book online?

Online PDA bookings are limited to tests in the following vehicle classes:

Who can't book online?

Online PDA bookings are not available for the following vehicle classes:

You cannot book online if your PDA is required as a result of:

  • A medical condition and the medical assessment process is incomplete.
  • An extraordinary licence application.
  • A conditional licence application.


  • The licence or learner's permit is subject to a sanction.

Please call 13 11 56 to book your PDA if any of these circumstances apply to you.

  Step 6: Issue of licence: Motorcycle licence (R class)

Once you have passed your practical assessment, your licence record will be updated to show that you are now authorised to ride R class motorcycles.

However, a new driver's licence card will only be issued when you renew your current licence. You may wish to order a replacement licence that will reflect your updated motorcycle class.


If you have a provisional R-E or other licence, you will still be subject to the same provisional status while riding an R class motorcycle until your provisional period has been completed. If you already hold a full licence, your R class licence will also be a full licence.

Visit the Get a provisional licence page for important information on the rules and conditions for provisional licences.


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