Transfer your overseas licence

Find out how to apply to transfer your overseas licence to a Western Australian driver's licence.

If you move to WA and want to transfer your overseas licence, you will be asked to prove your identity.
You need to provide original documentation, and your name must match across all documents.
All documentation must be translated to English.
Make sure you bring physical records (originals and not copies) and any supporting documents (e.g. marriage certificate).
Read more about proof of identity requirements.

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and have a current and valid overseas driver’s licence, you can drive in Western Australia for up to 3 months using your overseas licence.

Within this 3-month period, you will need to apply to transfer your overseas driver’s licence to a WA driver’s licence.

After this 3-month period you cannot legally drive on your overseas licence, even if it is current and valid.


How to transfer your overseas licence 

The steps you need to follow to transfer your overseas licence depend on whether your driver’s licence is from:

  • a recognised country
  • an experienced driver recognised country
  • a non-recognised country.

Use the overseas licence check below to find out what type of country your licence is from.

Find out if your driver's licence was issued by a recognised country or an experienced driver recognised country.

Can't find your country?

If your country is not listed, your licence is from a non recognised country.

Find out what to do next

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Frequently asked questions

What if my overseas driver’s licence has expired?

If your driver’s licence has expired for more than 12 months or cannot be validated, you will need to follow the steps for getting your first driver’s licence in WA.

Do I need to transfer my overseas licence if I am not a permanent resident of Australia?

If you are a visitor to WA, such as a tourist or someone studying or working temporarily in WA, you  do not need to transfer your overseas licence to a WA driver's licence.

You can drive on your current overseas driver's licence if it is current and not expired.

Find out more about driving in WA when visiting from overseas.

What if I have lost my overseas driver’s licence card?

If you have lost or are unable to provide your physical driver’s licence, you may be able provide a letter of verification that contains full details of your driver's licence from your home country’s issuing authority, consulate or diplomatic office.

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