Visit or move to WA

Find out about driving on your overseas or interstate licence in Western Australia (WA). Different rules apply to visitors and permanent residents from overseas or interstate. Here you can also find out about using your WA licence when travelling.

Note: Find out information about licensing a vehicle in Western Australia in the My vehicle section.

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 Visiting/moving from interstate

Find out about driving in Western Australia on an interstate driver's licence, when you will require a WA driver's licence, and how to apply.

 Using my WA licence interstate

You can drive in any part of Australia on your Western Australian driver licence.

 Visiting from overseas

Find out about using your overseas driver's licence while driving in Western Australia.

 Using my WA licence overseas

If you plan on driving overseas you will need an international driver permit (IDP) and your WA licence.

 Transfer your overseas licence

Find out how to apply to transfer your overseas licence to a Western Australian driver's licence.
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