Hillarys Boat Harbour upgrade

Ongoing improvements to Hillarys Boat Harbour makes it an ideal location for recreational and commercial boating and a great day out for the family.

HBH jetty replacements

Project overview

WA Recovery Plan funding has been allocated to replace and reconfigure five jetties at Hillarys Boat Harbour. 

The multi million dollar project will see the jetties adjacent to the busy retail precinct transformed and improve access for people taking the Rottnest Island ferry and delivery drivers.

Jetties F,G,H and J have reached the end of their serviceable life and will be replaced with modern floating pens connected to a new central walkway. The new pen sets will provide a like for like replacement for most if not all boats currently moored there. 

Project status

This project is currently in the delivery phase following the completion of a tender process in 2021 and award of a $10.5 million contract to GTS Australia to undertake jetty renewal projects at both Hillarys and at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

The works will be delivered in stages and every effort is being made to limit disruption to penholders.

Works on site are expected to commence mid to late 2022 following an initial design period.  

Stage 1: 

  • Head works and service upgrades.  
  • Construction of new main jetty walkway (new Jetty A) alongside existing Jetty A.
  • Relocation of existing and installation of  new CCTV infrastructure. 

Stage 2: 

  • Demolish jetties H and J. 
  • Construction of Jetty E extension and new Jetty F. 
  • Services to Jetty A and connection to existing jetties B0, B, C, D, E extension and new Jetty F.  
  • Demolition of existing Jetty A. 

Stage 3:  

  • Demolish existing jetties F and G and construct jetties G, H and J.

  Hillarys Master Plan

The Hillarys Boat Harbour Master Plan (the Master Plan) encompasses a series of initiatives and aspirations to ensure the continued success of Hillarys as a unique destination and visitor focal point north of Perth.

Importantly, the Master Plan aims to deliver opportunities to increase the activities and attractions available to improve the competitiveness of Hillarys as an Activity Centre. The Master Plan introduces physical, infrastructure and operational improvements to the landscape, built form, activities and surrounding environment that will see the Hillarys Boat Harbour remain as one of the most visited tourist and family destinations in Western Australia.

  Hillarys traffic changes

Hillarys Boat Ramp access changes

Following studies, trials and consultation with the community, including local residents, DoT has made permanent changes to access to the boat ramp and northern carparks at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

The changes have been made to address unsafe queuing and assist traffic flow across the harbour at peak times.

Key changes include:

  • Access to the boat ramp and trailer parking is now only available via Northside Drive by turning left at the Fisheries building
  • At the tower roundabout access to the northern harbour has been closed 
  • Access to the north eastern carpark is also now only available from Northside Drive by turning left at the first opportunity.

Physical barriers, improved line markings and updated signage has been installed to assist harbour visitors.

The changes will see safer queuing and improved traffic flow providing more time to enjoy the harbour and its facilities. 

Contact Harbour Management 

Phone: (08) 9216 8529 | Mob: 0418 912 036

  Bike parking for visitors

Did you know around 170,000 people ride along West Coast Drive, many visiting Hillarys each year? The new facilities make it easier to choose two wheels over four.

The new facilities which increase the number of bike parking places at Hillarys from 44 to 116, are in 12 new locations at major entrance points to the harbour and also closer to the retail and entertainment precinct. Hillarys now hosts:

  • 32 new bike racks
  • 12 family friendly rails
  • 2 bike repair stations
  • 2 bike parking shelters

  Bike parking at Hillarys for staff

More and more people are choosing to use bicycles as transport. Interest is generally focused on short trips and in areas where competing modes of transport are expensive, congested, inefficient and/or unreliable.

With at least 100 staff in the harbour providing end of trip cycle infrastructure at Hillarys will provide a number of benefits for both workers and visitors. As bicycle parking is more efficient, an increased number of people are able to access the Harbour, which will take pressure off parking and improve access to the Harbour.

The cage is located between the Harbour Management Office and AQWA on the southern side of the Harbour.

  Public art mural

The Master Plan will take some time to come to fruition, and the DoT are investing in a number of short-term revitalisation projects, including providing the opportunity to create a large-scale mural to add a splash of colour and fun to the area. As part of the process, the artist and DoT engaged local students from Hillarys Primary School, Duncraig Senior High School and Prendiville Catholic College. The artist, Peter Ryan Art has incorporated their designs into the final product as well as helping design an amazing selfie wall for all to enjoy.

  Improved wayfinding

Works on the new directional signage has now been completed at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Hillarys Boat Harbour is a unique destination in Perth’s north combining a working harbour and marina with retail, dining and entertainment options along with family friendly recreation opportunities. This project was to design and install signs including maps, directions, and symbols to help guide visitors to their destination.

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