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Community based driver training

Guidelines and resources to assist community groups in establishing a program to assist people to overcome the challenges in obtaining a driver's licence in Western Australia.

  Guidelines for community based driver training programs

In spite of the legal and safety benefits of having a valid driver's licence, there are members of the community who do not obtain one for a number of reasons.

For example, they may have challenges with:

  • Access to a licensed person to provide driving instruction and for the supervised driving phase.
  • Access to professional driver training.
  • Access to a roadworthy or licensed vehicle.
  • Identification requirements (for example: Birth Certificate).
  • Licensing resources and testing requirements.

Community-based groups can provide valuable assistance to disadvantaged people in obtaining their driver's licence. Enabling people to get their licence will allow them to experience the many benefits that result from holding a licence such as; an alternative method of travel, new employment opportunities and independence.

LBU_VS_PUB_DTPAppA.pdf icon Driver training program list (Appendix A) Kb
LBU_VS_PUB_DTPAppC.pdf icon Sample provider's application form: Appendix C Kb
LBU_VS_PUB_DTPAppD.pdf icon Sample provider's training form: Appendix D Kb
LBU_VS_PUB_DTPAppF.pdf icon Sample driving sheet: Appendix F Kb
LBU_VS_PUB_DTPAppG.pdf icon Sample participant feedback form: Appendix G Kb
DVS_P_DL_Remote6StepsGetting.pdf icon Six steps to getting your licence for remote communities (Fact sheet) Kb

  Driver competency standards

The driver competency standards specify the attributes of safe driver performance and behaviour in relation to all vehicles.

The standards are the foundation for both training and assessment, so they are particularly useful for anyone teaching a person to drive.

Professional driving instructors can use it to develop checklists of learning points and devise comprehensive training programs.

LBU_DL_CS_DriverComptencyStandard.pdf icon Driver competency standard Kb
LBU_DL_CS_HeavyVehicleDrivers.pdf icon Heavy vehicle competency standard Kb
LBU_DL_CS_LightVehicleDrivers.pdf icon Light vehicle competency standard Kb
LBU_DL_CS_MotorcycleRiderCompetency.pdf icon Motorcycle competency standard Kb
LBU_DL_CS_MultiCombinationVehicleDrivers.pdf icon Multi Combination competency standard Kb


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