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Resources are available to help you during the six steps of obtaining your driver's licence.

  Drive Safe and Ride Safe handbooks

The information in these handbooks align with Towards Zero, the State Government road safety strategy 2008-2020. The strategy means that we, in the WA community, do not accept that any person should die or be seriously injured on our roads.

The Drive Safe and Ride Safe handbooks are owned and maintained by the Western Australian Department of Transport. The handbooks are not the law, but a simplified version of the road rules contained in the relevant Acts and Regulations.

The Drive Safe and Ride Safe handbooks will be reviewed and updated following changes in policy, legislation and/or road rules and traffic regulations.

Any requests to reproduce information or images contained in the Drive Safe or Ride Safe handbooks must be made in writing.

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  Executive Director Drivers and Vehicles,
Department of Transport,
GPO Box R1290,
Perth 6844.
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  Resources provided by the Road Safety Commission

The Road Safety Commission website provides road rules and penalty information for WA.

The Road Safety Commission provides extensive information on topics including:

  • Radar detectors
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Red lights and intersections
  • Emergency and breakdown vehicles
  • Merging
  • Roundabouts
  • U-turns
  • Following distances
  • Keeping left
  • Pilot vehicles
  • Right of way
  • Road sign definitions 
  • Penalties
  • Passengers
  • Transporting animals in or on vehicles

As well as information packs for learner drivers and their tutors on topics such as:

  • Hazards, risks and driving.
  • Getting the most from your lessons.
  • Learning for life.
  • Learning vehicle skills.
  • Learning traffic skills.
  • Learning safety skills.
  • Learning advanced safety skills.
  • Drive with care and attention.
Road Safety Commission: Games and quizzes
Road Safety Commission: WA road rules and penalties
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