License my vehicle (registration)

Find out how to register or renew a vehicle licence, including repairable written-off and hail-damaged vehicles. You will also find information on getting a temporary movement permit.

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 Renew/replace my vehicle licence

Find out how to renew or replace your vehicle licence (registration), including nominated expiry dates for multiple vehicles, and what to do if your vehicle licence is overdue.

 License a vehicle in Western Australia

Find out how to license/register a vehicle in Western Australia, including new and imported vehicles, interstate and expired vehicle licences.

 License a caravan or camper trailer

Find out how to license a caravan or camper in Western Australia, which includes getting your vehicle inspected and submitting the application in person.

 License a driving instructor vehicle

Find out how to licence a driving instructor vehicle with dual controls in Western Australia, and the conditions that apply.

 License a motorised wheelchair

Find out about motorised wheelchairs including wheelchairs powered by internal combustion engines or electric motors, and devices referred to as gophers.

 License or register an off-road vehicle

Find out how to license or register an off-road vehicle.

 License a seasonal vehicle

Find out how to get a seasonal vehicle licence for an eligible heavy vehicle that is engaged in seasonal work during part of the year. You will not have to pay for a full licence if your vehicle is unused during the rest of the year.

 License a trailer

Find out how to license a trailer in Western Australia, which includes getting it inspected for roadworthiness and submitting the application in person.

 Bringing an overseas vehicle to Western Australia

Find out about permanent and temporary imports of vehicles from overseas, and how to license them in Western Australia.

 Fleet licensing

Find out about the fleet licensing vehicle licence option for individuals and organisations with ten or more licensed vehicles.

 Commercial goods vehicles (CGVL)

The Transport Co-ordination Act 1966 (the Act) sets out the requirement for vehicles transporting iron ore or similar products to be licensed.

 Interstate heavy vehicle operators

Main Roads WA (MRWA) manages and regulates the movement of heavy vehicles on the State's roads through the accreditation of heavy vehicles.

 Who can be issued with a vehicle licence

Vehicle licences can only be issued or transferred to a person or legal entity that has the capacity to be held legally accountable for the vehicle and/or any offences relating to the use of the vehicle. Definitions of legal entities are included here.

 Motor Injury Insurance

Vehicle owners pay a motor injury insurance premium to cover the cost of injury that they or their vehicles may cause in a crash.
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