Carnarvon One Mile Jetty

We are leading a project to restore partial access to the historic One Mile Jetty.

The multi-stage One Mile Jetty project aims to restore partial access to the historic jetty and maintain public and navigational safety.

In April 2021, the One Mile Jetty in Carnarvon was irreparably damaged during Cyclone Seroja.

Due to this damage, a large quantity of the jetty’s timber fell into the water, creating navigational hazards.

Stage 1 of the project included deconstruction of the damaged parts of the jetty and retrieval and salvage of the fallen timber.

In Stage 2 of the project, the Department of Transport (DoT) will work together with the Gascoyne Development Commission and Carnarvon Heritage Group to restore part of the jetty to provide public access and reflect the history of the jetty.

  Project background

The heritage listed Carnarvon One Mile Jetty originally extended approximately 1.45 kilometres out to sea from Babbage Island on the southern side of the Gascoyne River mouth.

The jetty has been closed to the public since 2017 due to the significant public safety risks.

In February 2021, the State Government committed $4.5 million to restore a section of the jetty.

In April 2021, the jetty was further damaged when seas, swell and storm surge during Cyclone Seroja destroyed approximately 360 metres of the jetty, leaving the structure at risk of collapsing during another major storm event.

DoT commissioned an independent inspection of the jetty and report on the extent of the damage from Cyclone Seroja.

The report identified approximately 360 metres of irreparable damage to the jetty structure and recommended the section of jetty between Pier 71 and Pier 245 (jetty head) be urgently deconstructed.

Deconstructed one mile jetty and remaining jetty piles in the water.

Image caption: One Mile Jetty Stage 1: Emergency deconstruction and timber salvage.

  Stage 1 – jetty deconstruction and timber salvaging

DoT is leading Stage 1 of the One Mile Jetty Project which involves:

  • emergency deconstruction and salvaging timber of the jetty from the intertidal section onwards (Pier 114 - 245)
  • recovering timbers that are hazards to safe navigation of watercraft.

So far, the jetty has been removed up to Pier 114.

Minimal further deconstruction is being considered of the remaining landside/intertidal jetty when equipment is mobilised to site for Stage 2 refurbishment works.

Since removal of the sea-side portion of the jetty, the shoreline has changed. Removing this additional part of the jetty will help to remove any further navigational safety hazards, improve pedestrian and public safety, and protect the remaining structure from informal access and damage.

Salvaged timbers from the jetty may be used in Stage 2 of the project.

The Carnarvon One Mile Jetty is included on the State Register of Heritage Places.
Special care and consideration will be taken in the timber salvage and deconstruction process.

DoT will work closely with the Carnarvon Heritage Group to retrieve, sort and store the salvaged timber.

DoT has installed a navigational beacon to mark the original end point of the One Mile Jetty.
The original end point has also been referenced the published Carnarvon nautical charts.

Signage will be installed to provide information about beacon and history of the jetty. 

Community use of salvaged timber

The salvaged timber was assessed for heritage value, quality and structural integrity.

Suitable timbers were retained to refurbish and revitalise the preserved section of the jetty adjacent to the heritage precinct.

DoT conducted an expression of interest process that invited the public to apply to purchase or receive the timber.

The expression of interest period closed on 31 August 2022.

Seventeen applications for timber were received from individuals, groups and businesses seeking to repurpose it for use in the local community and elsewhere. 

The proceeds of the timber sale will be used by the Carnarvon Heritage Group for future maintenance activities and use in the Carnarvon Heritage Precinct.

  Stage 2 - jetty restoration

DoT will work in consultation with the Gascoyne Development Commission, Traditional Owners, and Carnarvon Heritage Group to restore part of the jetty for pedestrian access.

The refurbishment will complement the heritage values of the historic One Mile Jetty and record and reflect the stories of the jetty’s history.

Every effort is being made to restore as much of the jetty as possible for pedestrian use. Ultimately, the length of the restored portion of the jetty will depend on the condition of the remaining landward structure and the work required to make it safe for use. Heritage and environmental conditions and considerations may also significantly impact the project.

Work updates:

  • A repair contractor has been appointed and visited the site to conduct a detailed jetty inspection.
  • Detailed design for the jetty restoration is underway to develop an effective restoration approach that considers the current condition of the jetty.
  • For use on the project, 200 metres of Merbau timber has been delivered between April - June 2024.
  • Critical Geotechnical Investigations and Pile Resistance Testing are commencing, following the necessary Regulation 10 approval from the Registrar of Department of Lands and Heritage and confirmation of a Native Vegetation Clearing Permit exemption.
  • Continued consultation with Yinggarda Aboriginal Corporation to enable Section 18 Consent Application for the repair works, before submitting on the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Knowledge Portal.
  • Traditional Owners are contributing to the Heritage Interpretation Strategy.

The jetty repairs are being undertaken with consideration of proposed Shire of Carnarvon and Gascoyne Development Commission/Carnarvon Heritage Group projects.

On-the-ground works are expected to commence in late 2024, considering the outcomes of investigations, landowner, heritage approvals and seasonal factors.


Gascoyne Development Commission website
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  Marine incidents and found timber

Report any jetty timber found on the beach or in the water as soon as possible to DoT’s Manager Operations and Projects on 0427 099 207.

Report any marine incidents related to the jetty, including near miss events by submitting a Marine incident report.

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