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Make a difference

The Make a difference, maintain and wear your lifejacket program shows boaties how to service their lifejackets and promotes the importance of wearing a lifejacket while boating.

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30 Second Challenge

In an emergency you might have as little as 30 seconds to gather all your safety equipment. Take the challenge now!

Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) grants

Maintaining your boat

A 'BEST' boat check should be completed prior to every trip to ensure your Boat, Equipment, Safety equipment and Trailer are all in good order for a day on the water.

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Recreational boating

Recreational boats on water

Read more about: Recreational boating

Find out about recreational boating in WA, including safety and regulations, voyage planning, vessel registration, maintenance, and the Recreational Skipper's Ticket.

Boating facilities

Marina - boating facilities

Read more about: Boating facilities

Find out about boating and marine facilities, including moorings, pens and boat launching ramps. Information about jetty licences, commercial leasing opportunities.

Charts, warnings and current conditions

Image of marine safety equipment

Read more about: Charts, warnings and current conditions

Find out about safety and navigation in WA waters, including equipment, navigational aids, GPS, coastal data, nautical charts, weather, emergencies, lights and notices to mariners.

Commercial vessels

Commercial vessel - port

Read more about: Commercial vessels

Find out everything you need to know about the safe and correct construction, modification and operation of commercial vessels.

Marine pollution

Image of coast

Read more about: Marine pollution

Find out about oil pollution, the plans and legislation for oil spills in Western Australia.

Marine facility locations search

Ocean Reef

Read more about: Marine facility locations search

Search for a marine facility within Western Australia

Marine forms and publications

Image of Boating Guide brochures

Read more about: Marine forms and publications

This section contains all the forms and publications for marine safety and coastal infrastructure, including the popular Boating Guides.

Marine news

Image of social media icons

Read more about: Marine news

Join Marine in social media, find out about marine-related news, Boating Communities newsletter, access the aquatic calendar and get details on holding events.

About us, fees and contacts

Image of Marine Officer on vessel

Read more about: About us, fees and contacts

Find out about the marine, boating and coastal services of the Department of Transport, including how to contact us.

Marine site map

Use this page to help locate key areas of the Marine site.

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