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Two Rocks Marina upgrade

Planning and design has commenced for the $6 million upgrade of facilities at Two Rocks Marina with priority repairs to the breakwater and pens now complete. Planning for new maritime infrastructure is underway.

  Project status

The Two Rocks Marina $6 million upgrade to improve ageing infrastructure and prepare the facility for future needs is well underway. Improvements are designed to address ageing infrastructure, improve safety and provide a foundation for future redevelopment opportunities.

The Department of Transport, which took on the management of the facility in 2014 following the expiry of a lease with a private operator, will use the funding to improve access and infrastructure over the next two years.

This latest upgrade follows on from the June 2016 completion of a ramp upgrade and new boat pontoon, which was delivered as a result of consultation with the local community and City of Wanneroo.

The first major works are now complete (May 2019). All abandoned vessels in the facility have been removed and construction works associated with new floating Q Jetty and refurbished West-Link-Jetty are complete. Planning is now underway for upgrades to the fire services supply, building replacement and pen replacement works, which are all aligned with the long term Master Plan currently advertised for community feedback.

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  Project overview

The $6 million Two Rocks Marina upgrade is required to bring the run-down facility up to the standard expected by the community. The development is critical to deliver safety and access improvements and the works will include:

  • Demolition of condemned maritime structures, including the original fuel jetty;
  • Construction of relocated boat pens;
  • Upgrading and maintenance of existing jetties;
  • Priority repairs to the existing breakwater; and
  • Priority maintenance to existing buildings and demolition of 'Building A and B'.

  Reference group

The Two Rocks Marina Reference Group was established to look at the long-term vision for the facility, with a view to creating local jobs. The Reference Group has played a key role in developing the draft Master Plan and ensuring community and user group interests and concerns are identified and addressed.

Chaired by the Mayor of the City of Wanneroo Tracey Roberts, the majority of the 14 member Two Rocks Marina Reference Group represent the community, business interests, landowners and facility user groups.

The Reference Group Membership comprises:

  • Business Representative - John Young.
  • Business Representative - Mark Weir.
  • Business Representative - Michael Bower.
  • Business Representative - Nick Perignon.
  • City of Wanneroo Chief Executive Officer.
  • City of Wanneroo Elected Member, Natalie Sangalli.
  • Community - Brad Lynton.
  • Community - Jenny Butler.
  • Community Group - Elysia Regan, Two Rocks Beach Action Group.
  • Department of Planning Lands and Heritage Director North Metropolitan.
  • Department of Transport Director Maritime Planning.
  • Department of Transport Manager Coastal Management.
  • User Group - Bill White, Two Rocks Volunteer Marine Sea Rescue.
  • User Group - Commodore Wayne Hartas, Sun City Yacht Club.
  • User Group - Mick Bowra, Two Rocks Boat Lifter.
  • User Group - Peter Russell, Penholder.

Facility manager, the Department of Transport, coordinates the group.

Minutes from Meetings that have been ratified by the Reference Group Members can be found below. All presentations given can also be found below.

Ongoing updates on Reference Group meetings and planned works will be provided via this web page, and you can also register for updates via the email address below:

PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet4_Minutes.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 4 - Meeting minutes Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_WshopABSummary.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Workshop A B Meeting Summary Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet4_Presentation.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 4 - Presentation summary Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet3_Presentation.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 3 - Presentation summary Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet3_Minutes.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 3 - Minutes Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet2_Presentation.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 2 - Presentation summary Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet2_Minutes.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 2 - Minutes Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet1_Presentation.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 1 - Presentation summary Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RefGrp_Meet1_minutes.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Reference Group: Meeting No. 1 - Minutes Kb

  Two Rocks Marina project: Documents

PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_MasterPlan_Report.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Draft Master Plan Report Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_MasterPlan.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Master Plan Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_ShortTermActivation.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina Short Term Activation Projects Kb
MAC_P_Boat_Harbour_Loc_NthMetro.pdf icon Boat Harbour Locations North Metropolitan Region Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_RampUltimateConcept.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina: 2016 boat ramp upgrade and boat pontoon plan Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_Existing_Marina.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina: Existing Marina Kb
PROJ_P_TwoRocksProject_FAQ_Masterplan.pdf icon Two Rocks Marina: Upgrade (Frequently Asked Questions) Kb


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