Passenger transport options

Find out about the different types of transport options available to passengers. Information on how to book or catch a taxi, charter vehicle or regular passenger transport vehicle is also available here.

  What is on-demand transport?

On-demand transport includes a taxi or a charter vehicle which provides a passenger with flexibility around the route they take and the time they travel.

This includes services provided by:

  • Taxis.
  • App-based booking service providers.
  • Limousines.
  • Charter buses or vehicles (for example, private airport transfers).
  • Vehicles chartered for bespoke tourism (for example, a private wine tour).
  • Contracted buses or vehicles (for example, by mining companies).
  • Party buses (for example, hens'/bucks' nights or pub crawls).
  • Hired buses (for example, school camps or excursions).

On-demand transport can be booked well in advance or for immediate departure.

The On-demand Transport business unit at the Department of Transport oversees the passenger transport industry to ensure public safety standards are met. The On-demand Transport business unit also oversees tourism passenger transport and regular passenger transport in Western Australia.

  Types of on-demand transport

The various types of on-demand transport options available for passengers include:

  • Taxis.
  • Charter vehicles.
  • Regular passenger transport vehicles.


You can hail a taxi on the street or catch one at a taxi rank, and pre-bookings can be made by telephone and booking apps. They include larger Multi-purpose Taxis (MPT) that service people in wheelchairs and scooters and taxi sedans/wagons.

When calling a taxi company, you can either request the next available taxi or book for a particular time. Taxi ranks are located throughout Perth's Central Business District (CBD) and at popular suburban venues and locations.

Be sure to check at the time of booking that any special needs or requirements you have, such as wheelchair and scooter access, child restraints, a five-seat or more taxi, assistance with luggage or a qualified tour guide, can be met by the company.

Please note that taxi companies are not required by law to provide these services. As an alternative, you can pre-book a charter vehicle (see below).

Swan Taxis and Black & White Cabs each accept bookings for wheelchair and scooter accessible taxis.

13 MAXI is the dedicated multi-purpose taxi service operated by Black & White Cabs for customers with wheelchairs and scooters and is contracted by the Department of Transport.

Charter vehicles

A charter vehicle is any vehicle used to carry passengers for hire and reward, which is not a taxi.

Charter vehicles cannot be hailed on the street or sourced from taxi ranks and passengers must receive a written record identifying the job booked. This could be sent electronically via text message, email or booking app.

Regular passenger transport vehicles

Regular passenger transport vehicles (or RPT), operate specific routes with specific pick-up and drop-off locations on a regular timetable e.g. a bus on a regular public transport route or an airport shuttle bus.

All fares involved are predetermined and must be paid prior to the start of the journey.

Regular passenger transport vehicles cannot park in, stop in, or operate from taxi ranks. You can only get picked up or dropped off at the specific location on the scheduled route.

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  Compare your options

The table below shows the options available for the various on-demand transport services. It is recommended you check with service providers to see if they are equipped to offer these options.

Description Taxi Charter vehicle Regular passenger transport
Hail on the street Yes No No
Catch at a taxi rank Yes No No
Book by phone Yes Yes No
Use booking app Yes Yes Yes
Wheelchair and scooter access Yes Some companies Some companies
Security camera fitted in metro area Yes Some companies Some companies
Taxi user subsidy scheme Yes No No
Guide dog friendly Yes Yes ** Yes
Pre-agreed contract fares Yes Yes No
Driver ID picture Yes Yes Yes
Passengers allowed to consume alcohol No *Yes, in specific circumstances No

*Passengers (aged 18+) can consume alcohol in licensed charter vehicles if the vehicle is being hired for upwards of one hour continuously, the vehicle is not equipped to carry more than 14 passengers and any juvenile passengers are accompanied by, and under the supervision of, a responsible adult. The driver of the vehicle cannot allow a drunk person to consume alcohol in the vehicle.

**By law, Guide Dogs are granted access rights to everywhere their user goes, except operating theatres and certain areas of the zoo. Guide Dog access rights are governed by the following legislation:

External Link Disability Services Act 1986 (Commonwealth)
External Link Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth)
External Link Disability Services Act 1993 (WA)
External Link Dog Act 1976
External Link National Disability Services Standards (2014)
External Link Privacy Act 1986 (Commonwealth)

  Authorised on-demand booking services

Under the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018, all On-demand Booking Services (ODBS) must be authorised. It is important to only take trips through an authorised ODBS to ensure your safety.

To search for an authorised ODBS, enter the business name or authorisation number.

Trips must be booked directly with the authorised ODBS.

Please note that this search service is provided as a guide to the authorisation status of a relevant booking service at the time of the check.  It is, however, not conclusive proof that a booking service holds an authorisation.  If you are concerned about the status of an authorisation after using this service, you can contact On-demand Transport.

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  Our active lifestyle program

The Department of Transport is committed to providing simple ways for people to get active and connected.

Your Move is an active lifestyle program that aims to help you discover more ways to get to your destination and has been implemented in Cockburn and Wanneroo.

Further information can be found at the Your Move website.

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