Rights and responsibilities (drivers/passengers)

Information about the rights and responsibilities of both drivers and passengers of taxi, charter and regular passenger transport vehicles is available here.

  Acts and regulations governing rights and responsibilities

The following legislation governs the rights and responsibilities of drivers and passengers.

External Link Department of Justice: Taxi Regulations 1995 (WA)
External Link Department of Justice: Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 (WA)

  Driver identification

All on-demand transport operators including taxi, charter and regular passenger transport drivers are required to provide identification. Taxis display a driver identification card usually on the dashboard or sun visor. If you cannot see the card, then you should request to see it.

If you book your ride using a booking app, the driver's identification picture may be available for you to view at that time.

  Paying the fare

A driver or booking app may require full payment of the fare upfront or a deposit and can legally refuse passengers who do not pay in advance.

The driver can legally request a deposit before the start of the journey.

Obtaining your receipt

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) outlines your rights regarding obtaining receipts and other types of proof of service.

External Link Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: Receipts

  Refusal of service to a passenger

Drivers have certain rights, which at times may result in a service being refused to passengers.

Reasons a driver can refuse a passenger

The driver can refuse a passenger if:

  • There is a possibility that the vehicle may be soiled.
  • The passenger is abusive or aggressive.
  • The passenger is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to such an extent that he or she is likely to soil the vehicle, become abusive or aggressive.
  • The driver has reasonable grounds to believe the passenger will evade or attempt to evade the payment of a fare.
  • The driver requires the passenger to pay a deposit, and the passenger does not pay it.
  • The passenger smokes inside the vehicle.
  • Individual booking services may have their own rules or policies around refusing passengers.

Leaving the vehicle

When requested to leave a vehicle by the driver, all passengers should do so respectfully and report any concerns directly with the booking services or app used to make the booking.

Soiled vehicle

In the event the vehicle is soiled or damaged by a passenger, the driver has the right to issue fees for cleaning and/or damages.

  Feedback, compliments and complaints

Refer to the Contact On-demand transport page for information on the types of complaints and where to lodge them.

For all other comments, please complete the General feedback, compliments and complaints online form.

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