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Transfer your driver's licence interstate

Find out about transferring your driver's licence from interstate through mutual recognition. Information regarding eligibility for our mutual recognition process is also available here.

  Transferring your driver's licence from interstate

Our mutual recognition process makes it easier for drivers transferring from interstate to get established in the on-demand transport industry in Western Australia.

Submitting an application for mutual recognition will require you to answer the following questions:

  • Do you hold a taxi driver's licence in another Australian jurisdiction?
  • Are you prohibited from being a taxi driver in any other Australian jurisdiction?
  • Are there any conditions on your original driver's licence from another Australian jurisdiction? If so, what are those conditions?
  • Are you are applying under the mutual recognition principle?
  • Is your driver's licence from another Australian jurisdiction cancelled or the subject of disciplinary proceedings?
  • Do you consent to the Department of Transport making enquiries with your home jurisdiction concerning your application?

Upon completing your application, you will need to pay the appropriate application fees. Please visit our Driver licence fees and payments page for more information.

  Eligibility requirements and how to apply

To be eligible for mutual recognition, you must be able to:

  • Produce your interstate taxi driver's licence and your proof of identity documents.
  • Provide a National Police Certificate no older than three months (available online from CV Check or in person at Australia Post).
  • Produce a completed application form (see below).
LBU_F_DL_DLA_1_DriversLicenceApplication.pdf icon Driver's licence application (Form DLA1) Kb
Opens in a new window CVCheck

  How your application is processed

When all of the application requirements have been met, the Department of Transport will assess your application and will advise you of the outcome in writing.

If your driver's licence is not due for renewal, you can apply to replace your driver's licence so that it displays the T (taxi) extension.

  More information and contacts

For further assistance, please contact the Department of Transport's Driver and Vehicle Services unit.


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