GPS validation markers

Find out what Western Australia's GPS validation markers look like, how to use them and where they are located via coordinates list and interactive map.

  What GPS markers look like and how to use them

GPS validation marker
GPS validation marker

What is a GPS marker?

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation validation marks are unique visible markers located at a number of public boat ramps and associated jetties, which mariners or owners of portable GPS units can use to validate their position and map datum settings.

What they look like

These marks are small, flat, yellow plastic markers similar to road lane markers or 'cat's eyes'.

How to use them

  • Manoeuvre your GPS unit as close to the yellow cat's eye marker as possible. These markers will be placed either on the bitumen road surface, allowing you to position your vessel directly over them prior to launching, or at the 'T' section of the service jetty for vessels already in the water.
  • Ensure that your GPS unit is tracking at least five satellites and is set to the correct coordinate type (LAT/LONG or UTM) and datum (WGS84/GDA94).
  • Make sure your GPS unit display coordinates match the surveyed coordinates of the marker. Agreement with the coordinates shown on the Department of Transport website should be possible to within 15 metres or 0.008 minutes.

  GPS validation markers (list)

Surveying and Spatial Science Institute (SSSI) member surveyors accurately coordinated selected points at jetty and boat ramps from Esperance to Derby.

You can enter the values for each marker as a waypoint to assist with your safe return. These coordinates may be critical if people are fishing near designated Marine Protected Areas or using digital map charts.

Each markers GPS coordinates are listed in the table and map below.

Johns Creek Harbour bitumen

Region Area Marker Marker code Latitude Longitude Easting Northing MGA
Central West Cervantes Head of jetty, shore-side (no letters on the marker) CER1A 30°29.444'S 115°04.080'E 314569 6625249 50
Central West Cervantes South edge of bitumen preparation area CER2 30°29.543'S 115°04.173'E 314722 6625069 50
Central West Denison Main ramp concrete jetty DEN1 29°16.449'S 114°55.120'E 297792 6759843 50
Central West Denison Main ramp bitumen DEN2 29°16.541'S 114°55.093'E 297752 6759673 50
Central West Geraldton Batavia Coast Marina boat prep lane GER1 28°45.988'S 114°36.804'E 266989 6815552 50
Central West Geraldton Batavia Coast Marina public jetty GER2 28°45.962'S 114°36.731'E 266868 6815597 50
Central West Jurien Boat Harbour carpark JB1 30°17.408'S 115°02.817'E 312165 6647450 50
Central West Jurien Boat Harbour ramp jetty JB2 30°17.405'S 115°02.731'E 312028 6647453 50
Central West Leeman Main ramp bitumen LEE1 29°56.745'S 114°58.678'E 304853 6685506 50
Central West Leeman Main jetty LEE2 29°56.700'S 114°58.622'E 304762 6685588 50
Gascoyne Carnarvon Boat harbour ramp small jetty CVN1 24°53.894'S 113°39.068'E 767807 7243710 49
Gascoyne Carnarvon Boat harbour wharf near fuel pumps CVN2 24°53.880'S 113°39.113'E 767884 7243735 49
Gascoyne Carnarvon New ramp facility derigging lane CVN3 24°53.694'S 113°39.124'E 767909 7244079 49
Gascoyne Coral Bay Back beach jetty COR2 23°09.293'S 113°46.000'E 783284 7436644 49
Gascoyne Exmouth Exmouth Boat Harbour ramp jetty EXM1 21°57.356'S 114°08.373'E 204562 7569292 50
Gascoyne Exmouth Exmouth Boat Harbour bitumen EXM2 21°57.352'S 114°08.304'E 204442 7569297 50
Gascoyne Exmouth Bundegi ramp EXM3 21°49.842'S 114°10.383'E 828035 7582532 49
Gascoyne Exmouth Tantabiddy ramp EXM4 21°54.741'S 113°58.694'E 187794 7573800 50
Gascoyne Kalbarri Ramp jetty Memorial road KAL1 27°42.571'S 114°09.779'E 220248 6931753 50
Gascoyne Kalbarri Wood jetty opposite resort KAL2 27°42.040'S 114°10.000'E 220588 6932742 50
Great Southern Albany Emu Point Boat Harbour ramp jetty ALB1 34°59.680'S 117°56.683'E 586214 6127140 50
Great Southern Albany Albany Waterfront Marina rigging area ALB3 35°01.875'S 117°53.375'E 581146 6123130 50
Great Southern Albany Albany Waterfront Marina old town jetty ALB4 35°01.942'S 117°53.214'E 580900 6123008 50
Great Southern Albany Little Grove public ramp jetty LG1 35°03.990'S 117°52.758'E 580174 6119228 50
Great Southern Albany Princess Royal Yacht Club-Jetty PRSC 35°03.891'S 117°52.853'E 580319 6119411 50
Great Southern Bremer Bay Finger Jetty at ramp BB1 34°25.529'S 119°23.959'E 720484 6188055 50
Great Southern Denmark Town ramp Rivermouth Jetty DMK1 34°58.185'S 117°22.130'E 533669 6130249 50
Great Southern Denmark Poddyshot ramp jetty DMK2 35°00.423'S 117°19.896'E 530257 6126124 50
Great Southern Esperance Town ramp bitumen North of entrance ESP2 33°51.785'S 121°53.619'E 397665 6252475 51
Great Southern Esperance Bandy Creek on concrete at wharf edge ESP4 33°49.856'S 121°56.121'E 401485 6256080 51
Great Southern Hopetoun Main jetty near ramp HOP1 33°57.246'S 120°07.597'E 234464 6239212 51
Great Southern Peaceful Bay End of Jetty PB1 35°02.433'S 116°55.923'E 493803 6122458 50
Great Southern Peaceful Bay Bitumen carpark PB2 35°02.348'S 116°55.939'E 493827 6122616 50
Kimberley Broome West of Broome jetty west ramp BME1 18°00.485'S 122°12.525'E 416238 8008741 51
Kimberley Derby Ramp at jetty DBY1 17°17.636'S 123°36.542'E 564727 8087826 51
Metropolitan Area Challenger Harbour Casual berth Jetty FRE2 32°03.707'S 115°44.462'E 381159 6452023 50
Metropolitan Area East Fremantle Leeuwin ramp boat preparation lane EF2 32°01.784'S 115°45.777'E 383188 6455599 50
Metropolitan Area East Fremantle East Street ferry jetty EST1 32°02.478'S 115°45.392'E 382597 6454311 50
Metropolitan Area Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Sardine wharf FRE1 32°03.614'S 115°44.819'E 381719 6452202 50
Metropolitan Area Fremantle Sailing Club Feeder jetty FSC1 32°04.154'S 115°44.918'E 381887 6451205 50
Metropolitan Area Fremantle Sailing Club Customs/refueling Jetty FSC2 32°03.975'S 115°44.755'E 381627 6451533 50
Metropolitan Area Hillarys Marina Rigging/de-rigging area HIL1 31°49.293'S 115°44.351'E 380675 6478652 50
Metropolitan Area Hillarys Marina Disabled access jetty HIL2 31°49.329'S 115°44.364'E 380696 6478585 50
Metropolitan Area Mindarie Marina Brick paved Loading jetty MIN1 31°41.501'S 115°42.127'E 376994 6493006 50
Metropolitan Area Mindarie Marina Marina boardwalk west MIN2 31°41.457'S 115°42.116'E 376977 6493088 50
Metropolitan Area Ocean Reef Marina Jetty for ramp number 2/3 OR1 31°45.698'S 115°43.652'E 379494 6485280 50
Metropolitan Area Ocean Reef Marina Bitumen boat de-rigging area OR2 31°45.764'S 115°43.786'E 379707 6485161 50
Metropolitan Area Rockingham Val Street Jetty Palm Beach PAB1 32°16.509'S 115°43.574'E 380043 6428354 50
Metropolitan Area Rockingham Western Ramp Jetty Palm Beach PAB2 32°16.504'S 115°42.951'E 379064 6428351 50
Metropolitan Area Safety Bay Bent Street boat preparation lane SB1 32°18.398'S 115°43.187'E 379476 6424856 50
Metropolitan Area South Perth Yacht Club Refuelling jetty SP1 32°00.079'S 115°50.820'E 391091 6458838 50
Metropolitan Area Two Rocks Marina South West corner of fuel jetty TR2 31°29.748'S 115°34.869'E 365248 6514578 50
Metropolitan Area Woodmans Point Washdown area WP1 32°08.290'S 115°45.848'E 383438 6443580 50
Metropolitan Area Woodmans Point Disabled access jetty WP2 32°08.352'S 115°45.801'E 383365 6443466 50
Pilbara Finucane Concrete path to toilets PH2 20°18.437'S 118°32.085'E 660244 7753769 50
Pilbara Onslow Beadon Creek ramp. Concrete light pole footing ONS1 21°38.925'S 115°07.871'E 306602 7604887 50
Pilbara Point Samson Johns Creek Harbour ramp SAM1 20°38.245'S 117°11.527'E 520015 7717967 50
Pilbara Point Samson Johns Creek Harbour bitumen SAM2 20°38.235'S 117°11.579'E 520104 7717987 50
South Metropolitan Mandurah Mandurah Ocean Marina jetty DOL1 32°31.333'S 115°42.910'E 379329 6400950 50
South Metropolitan Mandurah/Peel Inlet Dawesville ramp-de-rigging lane DAW1 32°37.557'S 115°38.491'E 372558 6389364 50
South Metropolitan Mandurah/Peel Inlet Dawesville Channel Marina washdown area, front bay DM1 32°36.470'S 115°38.710'E 372875 6391377 50
South Metropolitan Mandurah/Peel Inlet Dawesville Channel Marina washdown area, rear bay DM2 32°36.470'S 115°38.721'E 372893 6391378 50
South Metropolitan Mandurah-Halls Head Mary Street Lagoon Wood jetty MAR1 32°31.583'S 115°42.496'E 378686 6400481 50
South Metropolitan Point Peron Sea Rescue ramp fish cleaning lane PP1 32°16.281'S 115°41.833'E 377304 6428741 50
South Metropolitan Port Kennedy Bitumen boat rigging area PK1 32°22.016'S 115°43.708'E 380373 6418180 50
South West Augusta Flinders Bay-on wood jetty near ramp AUG2 34°20.620'S 115°10.141'E 331586 6198219 50
South West Augusta Boat harbour 8m east of sign shelter AUG3 34°21.152'S 115°10.050'E 331465 6197234 50
South West Australind Ridley Place near ramp AUS1 33°16.706'S 115°42.792'E 380167 6317106 50
South West Binningup Bitumen boat rigging area BIN1 33°08.972'S 115°41.204'E 377523 6331368 50
South West Bunbury Casuarina Boat Harbour roadway BUN1 33°18.678'S 115°38.285'E 373220 6313373 50
South West Bunbury Casuarina Boat Harbour jetty BUN2 33°18.706'S 115°38.274'E 373203 6313322 50
South West Busselton Port Geographe small jetty BUS3 33°37.823'S 115°23.703'E 351140 6277670 50
South West Dunsborough Finlayson Street alongside median DUN1 33°36.046'S 115°06.307'E 324185 6280500 50
South West Eaton Riviera Way ramp on jetty EAT1 33°18.564'S 115°41.780'E 378639 6313654 50
South West Eaton Pratt road ramp- on jetty EAT2 33°18.679'S 115°41.998'E 378981 6313446 50
South West Gnarabup On footpath at boat prep area near ramp MR1 33°59.408'S 114°59.484'E 314474 6237119 50
South West Gracetown Bitumen boat rigging lane CBAY 33°51.530'S 114°59.273'E 313864 6251675 50
South West Hamelin Bay On wall near safety signage at ramp HAM2 34°13.270'S 115°01.684'E 318357 6211562 50
South West Quindalup Robbies Close ramp on jetty QIN1 33°37.865'S 115°08.941'E 328319 6277211 50
South West Yallingup Canal Rocks ramp bitumen CR1 33°40.234'S 114°59.789'E 314254 6272569 50
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