Speed limits

Find out about boating speed limits in WA.

Unless posted otherwise, an 8-knot speed limit applies at all times when your vessel is:

  • Going through an arch of a bridge (unless specifically permitted for water skiing)
  • In or through mooring areas
  • In any water having a depth of less than 3 metres unless gazetted otherwise
  • When the skipper of a recreational vessel or personal watercraft is at least 14 and under 16 years old
  • Within 15 metres of a vessel underway
  • Within 50 metres of:
    • A moored vessel
    • A person in the water
    • A jetty or wharf
    • A river bank or low water mark.

Some other areas may also have posted speed limits, which must be strictly obeyed.

You must not travel at a speed or in a way that causes nuisance or damage to any:

  • person
  • vessel, whether moored or not
  • river bank or property.


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