On-demand transport fees and charges

Find out about fees and charges for on-demand booking services, passenger transport vehicles and fares. Information on payment methods is also available here.

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  On-demand Transport accepted payment methods

The below payment methods are accepted by the On-demand Transport office.

Payment method Comments
Credit card or EFTPOS Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa payments are accepted by all Department of Transport offices, including On-demand Transport.
BPay You may make payment using BPay by using your phone or Internet banking service.
Telephone Please call 1300 660 147 and follow the prompts.

  Passenger transport vehicle fees and charges (2022/2023)

Passenger transport vehicle fees

Fee type Fee
Passenger transport vehicle annual authorisation $120.70
Passenger transport vehicle monthly authorisation (1 month) $22.40
Passenger transport vehicle quarterly authorisation (3 months) $42.70
Passenger transport vehicle bi-annual authorisation (6 monthly) $71.60
Passenger transport vehicle application $19.80
Issue of on-demand transport plates $30.00
Re-issue of on-demand transport plates $19.60
Re-make of on-demand transport plates $35.20
Passenger transport vehicle variation of authorisation conditions application $20.70
Passenger transport vehicle authorisation category of service change application $37.20

  Passenger transport driver fees and charges (2022/2023)

Passenger transport driver fee

Fee type Fee
Passenger Transport Driver Annual Authorisation $94.00
Passenger Transport Driver Application Fee $43.00
Passenger Transport Driver Variation of Authorisation $14.40

  On-demand booking service fees and charges (2022/2023)

To become an authorised on-demand booking service (ODBS), an application fee and, if approved, an annual authorisation fee, must be paid.

The one-off application fee is payable by applicants when they lodge their application.

The authorisation fee is an annual charge dependent on the number of vehicles the applicant expects to dispatch work to. This fee is payable when the application for the ODBS is approved.

When applying for authorisation, the ODBS applicant must indicate which fee band (number of vehicles) best meets their needs for the upcoming year. It is recommended that businesses apply for authorisation based on the highest number of vehicles they expect to dispatch work to over the next 12 months.

On-demand transport booking service authorisation fees

Fee type Fee
On-demand booking service authorisation application fee* $126.50
On-demand booking service authorisation: 1 vehicle $258.90
On-demand booking service authorisation: 2-5 vehicles $486.60
On-demand booking service authorisation: 6-15 vehicles $1,428.80
On-demand booking service authorisation: 16-30 vehicles $2,847.10
On-demand booking service authorisation: 31-50 vehicles $4,658.90
On-demand booking service authorisation: 51-90 vehicles $7,661.30
On-demand booking service authorisation: 91-150 vehicles $12,734.30
On-demand booking service authorisation: 151-250 vehicles $20,706.10
On-demand booking service authorisation: 251-500 vehicles $34,165.10
On-demand booking service authorisation: Over 500 vehicles $67,294.90
On-demand booking services: Change of Responsible Officer $23.80
Variation of authorisation conditions $14.40

Passing on a booking

If you operate an authorised ODBS (or have an association arrangement with an authorised ODBS) and pass a booking on to another authorised ODBS (i.e. the passenger and job details are fully communicated to the other provider who then takes full responsibility for liaising with the passenger), you do not need to count them in your fee band.

However, if you dispatch a job to another on-demand passenger transport service provider, but retain the booking and communication with the passenger (i.e. you remain 'the face' of the booking), then you must count this vehicle in your fee band when applying for authorisation.

It is important to understand the difference between these processes to ensure you choose the most appropriate fee band for your business when applying for ODBS authorisation. You must consider the maximum number of vehicles you are likely to dispatch work to over the year.

  Regular passenger transport service fees (2022/2023)

Regular passenger transport service fees

Fee type Fee
Regular Passenger Transport Services Authorisation (RPTS) application (5 yearly) $119.00
Application for variation of Regular Passenger Transport Services (RPTS) authorisation conditions $159.40
Regular Passenger Transport Services (RPTS) approved route variation application $159.40
Regular Passenger Transport Services (RPTS) transfer of authorisation application $79.70

  On-demand transport general fees

On-demand transport general fees

Fee type Fee
Handling $20.70
Extract of record $12.40
Provision of statistical data fee (hourly rate) $143.90
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