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The on-demand transport industry is being reformed to give customers and services providers more choice and flexibility.

New applicants and existing licence holders need to be aware that current operating requirements may change.

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  Purpose-built Taxi Trial: Final review and recommendations

In December 2013, a four year trial of Purpose-Built Taxi (PBT) vehicles in the Perth Taxi Control Area commenced. The objective of the PBT trial was to assess whether a purpose-built vehicle was better placed than a standard taxi vehicle to overcome taxi-specific safety issues such as driver and passenger assaults.

This document provides a summary for the performance of a Purpose Built Taxi (PBT) and makes recommendations for their continued use in the Western Australian on-demand transport industry context.

ODT_P_PBT_TrialFinalReport_Dec17.pdf icon Purpose-built Taxi Trial: Final review and recommendations Kb


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