Fremantle Challenger Boat Harbour

Aerial image of Challenger Harbour in Fremantle

Challenger Harbour was built to cater for racing yachts participating in the Americas Cup in 1987, but now services recreational vessels. 

The harbour is in the heart of Fremantle, next to Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, with restaurants, bars and entertainment and accommodation options available nearby. 

It also offers direct ocean access to nearby Carnac, Penguin and Rottnest Islands, which are popular destinations for swimming, snorkeling, diving and birdwatching. 

The boat harbour’s facilities include safe and convenient boat pens and a toilet and shower block for pen holders. 

  Harbour facilities

Fuelling facility

There is diesel and unleaded petrol fuelling facility available on the nearby Molfetta Quay located in Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. This service is provided by Baileys Marine Fuels Australia and a fuel card is required. 
Phone: 1300 224 539


There is paid car parking available managed by the City of Fremantle. 

Only one car parking permit per vessel is issued to pen holders in Challenger Boat Harbour where the annual pen fee has been paid. Permit holders are subject to parking time limits applicable within the whole of the harbour. Refer to parking signage for more information.


A public toilet is available in the Fremantle Sea Rescue building and there is also a toilet, shower and laundry block provided for DoT (E & G Jetty) and Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club (F Jetty) penholders.  

Expired flare disposal

Flare disposal is available nearby at the Department of Transport Marine Operations Centre, on 14 Capo D'Orlando Drive, South Fremantle. Find out more about flare disposal locations.

Waterway and entrance channel

Latitude: -32.062 S Longitude: 115.739 E

  • Entrance channel has a minimum depth of 4.2 metres.
  • Main fairway and Jetty 'G' fairways have a minimum depth of 4.2 metres.
  • Minimum depth for Jetty 'E' fairways is 3.8 metres. 

Walking trails

Experience the harbour firsthand on one of our walking trails. Download a trail map below.

Boat pens

Number of pens Lengths Services
76 pens

Options include:

  • 35x 10m pens
  • 39x 12m pens
  • 2x 20m pens
Single phase power, CCTV, water, lighting, laundry and toilet and shower block. Oil spill kits are also available. 

An overnight 10m recreational vessel pen is also available for short stays up to no more than 1 week.

Fees and charges (2023/2024)

See below for current fees at Challenger Harbour.

Fixed and floating pens are charged per metre of pen length. The fixed alongside berths are charged per metre of the vessel length.

All fees quoted are inclusive of GST and should be paid in advance

12 months

Fee type Fee
Fixed pen without walkway $487.20
Fixed pen with walkway $556.80
Fixed alongside berth $556.80

3 months or more per month

Fee type Fee
Fixed pen without walkway $44.45
Fixed pen with walkway $50.80
Fixed alongside berth $50.80

1 month

Fee type Fee
Fixed pen without walkway $73.10
Fixed pen with walkway $83.50
Fixed alongside berth $83.50

1 week

Fee type Fee
Fixed pen without walkway $21.90
Fixed pen with walkway $25.05
Fixed alongside berth $25.05

Other facility fees

Fee type Fee
Electricity supply - metered COST
Water supply - metered COST
Rubbish removal - including any not placed in supplied bins or containers not removed; waste oil in excess of 150 litres; or rubbish from source other than fee paying vessel. COST

Fees and charges (2024/2025)

Please refer to the documents below for information regarding the fees and charges to be applied from 1 July 2024.

Apply for a boat pen

DoT’s vessel accommodation is offered on a casual, short term and long term basis and is always in high demand. Submit the enquiry form to find out if a pen is available. 

Ready to apply?

Once you have spoken with one of our Harbour Officers to confirm availability, fill in either the waitlist or vessel accommodation application form below and familiarise yourself with important terms and conditions.

Useful resources

DoT has several resources to help you stay safe when out on the water.


Deckee is a free app to help you plan your next boating trip. The app helps you keep informed with location-based data, safety alerts, access to the coast cams, weather forecasts and other information while you're on your boat. Download Deckee before you go.

Boating safety

We provide a range of boating safety information on safety equipment, boating rules and marine radios and distress calls.

Nautical charts

DoT publishes nautical charts of the WA coastline for use by recreational and commercial vessels.

See Gregory to Perth nautical charts.

Boating guides

Our boating guides provide local marine safety information, including boating hazards, speed restrictions, personal watercraft, water ski and closed water areas. Download a guide below or visit the boating guides page for more resources.

Contact us

To find out more, contact the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour office on 08 9431 1020 or

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