Onslow is located 1,386 km north of Perth, in the Pilbara region. Find out about boating and marine facilities in Onslow, as well as coastal, tide and wave data.

  Onslow specific coastal data

  Plan your Onslow boating trip

Download our boating guide and check the weather forecast before heading out on the water. Find out more about boating safety and planning your trip.

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  Onslow maritime facility features

Maritime facilities: Schedule of fees and charges (2022/2023)

For information regarding fees and charges to be applied from 1 July 2022, please refer to the documents below: 

The 'Maritime facilities: Schedule of marine fees and charges' document contains fees and vessel accommodation information on numerous DoT managed facilities, including the following;

  • Ferry licence fees.
  • Fuel wharfage fees.
  • General notes.
  • Jetty and mooring area licence fees.
  • Statewide fees.

  Project: Beadon Creek (Onslow) maritime facility

Ongoing planning for the upgrade and improvement of the Beadon Creek Maritime Facility in Onslow.

For more information visit the Beadon Creek (Onslow) maritime facility page.

  Onslow Volunteer Marine Rescue Group (VMR 683)

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
PO Box 122,
Onslow WA 6710
(08) 9184 6844
429 688 714

  Onslow historical tide data

Historical tide data

The table below shows the dates and times during which tide data was collected for Carnarvon.


Time is presented according to the 24-hour clock.

Start year Start date Start time End year End date End time
1985 7 July 13:30 1985 31 December 23:45
1986 1 January 00:00 1986 24 June 09:45
1986 21 July 11:30 1986 31 December 23:45
1987 1 January 00:00 1987 31 December 23:45
1988 1 January 00:00 1988 31 December 23:45
1989 1 January 00:00 1989 12 January 00:00
1989 27 January 09:45 1989 3 May 09:45
1989 21 June 15:00 1989 31 October 06:15
1989 31 October 11:00 1989 31 December 23:45
1990 1 January 00:00 1990 31 December 23:45
1991 1 January 00:00 1991 31 December 23:45
1992 1 January 00:00 1992 19 August 13:45
1992 27 August 14:45 1992 31 December 23:45
1993 1 January 00:00 1993 31 December 23:45
1994 1 January 00:00 1994 31 December 23:45
1995 1 January 00:00 1995 25 February 23:45
1995 3 March 10:45 1995 6 September 08:15
1995 22 July 16:00 Present

  Tide predictions and resources

Find out about annual tide predictions at various locations along Western Australia's coast. All data provided is subject to DoT's disclaimer, conditions of use and copyright policy.

Bureau of Meteorology resources

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) offers a range of tide related information:

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Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Sea temperature and currents
Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Sea temperature analysis
Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): The wind across Australia

  About the weather and wave information on this page

All information is provided to the public subject to the Department of Transport's disclaimer, privacy, copyright and conditions of use policy.


Weather information is gathered from the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Wave information

The wave climate at any location can be, and usually is, a combination of sea and swell and is often referred to as the total wave.

The graphs provide information on sea waves and swell waves. They are updated as near to real-time as possible.

The near real-time wave data is downloaded from recording sites and graphics created for the web using software developed by Tremarfon Pty Ltd.

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