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Get a temporary movement permit

A temporary movement permit allows you to move an unlicensed vehicle to be inspected for the purposes of licensing or repairs prior to licensing. Find out more about temporary movement permits and how to obtain one.

  Buy a temporary movement permit

You can obtain a temporary movement permit in three ways:

  • Light vehicle owners have the option of purchasing a temporary movement permit online provided they are the holder of a Western Australian Driverís licence.

Light and heavy vehicle owners can:

Contacting us

When you contact us:

  • Ensure you have your vehicle's engine number, chassis number and plate number (if still attached) ready and
  • You have the details of travel for the permit; including your point of departure, intended streets and suburbs and your destination.
  • You make cheques or money orders payable to the 'Department of Transport'.


A light vehicle is one that is less than 4,500 kg gross vehicle mass/aggregate in weight. This includes vehicles such as motorcycles, motor cars, utes, vans, trailers, caravans, small trucks and buses.

Buy a temporary movement permit

Vehicle permit and modification fees

Fee type Fee
Temporary movement permits (except trailers and caravans) $29.75 [^]
Temporary movement permits (trailers, caravans, invalid wheel chairs) $24.50 [^]
Vehicle modification permit $73.00

[^] Includes Motor Injury Insurance (MII), Vehicle Licence Duty and GST.

  What is a temporary movement permit?

A temporary movement permit is a Motor Injury Insurance (MII) policy that may be issued only for the purpose of allowing an unlicensed vehicle to be driven or towed on a road for the purposes below:

  • An agricultural vehicle to a farm or agricultural property and to remain on such property.
  • An agricultural vehicle to or from the nearest place where repairs may be made.
  • An unlicensed vehicle to another Jurisdiction for licensing. The client should be advised to check the validity of the WA temporary movement permit in other Jurisdictions.
  • A tractor for display or demonstration to and from an agricultural or industrial field day.
  • A vehicle currently licensed in another Jurisdiction that has been purchased by a resident of Western Australia, the permit only to be issued for the purposes of repairs and/or licensing.
  • A vehicle to a place of repair with the intention of licensing the vehicle.
  • A vehicle for display or demonstration to the royal and country agricultural shows.
  • A vehicle to an Authorised Inspection Station for inspection.
  • Road testing of vehicles limited to repairers licensed under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act 2003; or
  • Road testing of vehicles by vehicle examiners as defined in the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012.

Temporary movement permits are only valid for 48 hours from the nominated start time.

Any conditions or limitations of use that have been endorsed on the permit by the issuing officer must be complied with.

A temporary movement permit cannot be issued for:

  • An unlicensed motor vehicle that is being moved for parts or wrecking.
  • Caravans and trailers being moved from site to site or being taken to or from a holiday resort.
  • Once only movement of a boat jinker, or
  • Overwidth and/or over length caravans.

  What does a temporary movement permit cover?

The permit provides personal injury and death liability cover to the owner and any person who drives the motor vehicle as a result of an accident involving the vehicle for which the permit is issued. It may also provide cover for care and support if a person is catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle crash in Western Australia after the introduction of the expanded motor injury insurance cover, whether or not there is any negligence on the part of any driver, subject to the provisions of the relevant legislation.

It does not provide cover in respect of damage to property including the vehicle itself. If insurance of this type is required, it must be arranged separately with private insurers.

  Unlicensed vehicle permits (greater than 48 hours)

An unlicensed vehicle permit (UVP) may be issued for:

  • A vehicle to be entered in a rally.
  • A rally support vehicle.
  • A motorcycle to be entered into an enduro event.
  • Over dimensional vehicles and equipment used in the agricultural, industrial or mining industries that is not eligible to be licensed as Class B vehicles.
  • Any vehicle that is over weight on axles and is not eligible to be licensed as a Class C vehicle.
  • Any other vehicle that does not comply with the requirements for licensing.
  • Any other vehicle that is designed primarily for recreational, sporting or related purposes.

The UVP is valid for a period of between 60 hours and 12 months depending on the intended use of the vehicle.

Conditions of use

The operator of the vehicle issued with an UVP is obliged to comply with the conditions listed on the permit in addition to any conditions endorsed by the issuing officer.

A vehicle issued with a UVP should not carry a load on a road unless the goods are the property of the owner of the vehicle and are not for sale or disposal. For example, goods that can be carried include boats on trailers and goods carried in caravans, display vehicles, etc.

Applying for an unlicensed vehicle permit

An application for an unlicensed vehicle permit (UVP) must be completed and lodged at the Vehicle Safety and Standards at least 14 days before the permit is required.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
  Department of Transport,
Vehicle Safety and Standards,
34 Gillam Drive,
Kelmscott WA 6111

  Can I carry a load?

A vehicle subject to a temporary movement permit should not carry a load on a road unless the goods are the property of the owner of the vehicle and are not for sale or disposal. For example, goods that can be carried include boats on trailers and goods carried in caravans, display vehicles, etc.

  Am I required to display number plates?

It is not compulsory for a vehicle that is subject to a temporary movement permit to display number plates.

Owners of vehicles that do not have number plates must quote the chassis/vehicle identification number to the issuing officer so that the vehicle may be positively identified on the temporary movement permit and may be checked by either the police or an examiner as necessary.

  Is a permit valid in other States or territories?

WA temporary movement permits are valid for use through SA and the NT up to the expiry date of the temporary movement permit. Vehicles with a current temporary movement permit are also covered for Motor Injury Insurance (MII) by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia while the vehicle is travelling within these Jurisdictions.

Drivers are no longer required to obtain a new permit at the WA/SA or WA/NT border to continue their journey unless the temporary movement permit is likely to expire during the journey. If the temporary movement permit expires, the Motor Injury Insurance (MII) cover also expires. The vehicle then cannot be driven on any road without a subsequent permit being issued.

The driver must present the temporary movement permit to SA or NT authorities if they are asked to do so, or else they may be charged with driving an unlicensed vehicle. This has implications for clients applying for a temporary movement permit over the phone. These clients will need to wait for the temporary movement permit to be posted to them or alternatively they will have to attend a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional Agent and apply for the temporary movement permit in person.

The process described here does not apply to any other Australian Jurisdictions other than SA and the NT.

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  Is an Interstate vehicle permit valid in WA?

All interstate vehicle permits authorising the use of a vehicle on a road will be recognised in WA, provided the holder is not ordinarily resident in WA. This includes any type of permit issued by an interstate authority, such as;

  • Club permits issued to vintage and veteran vehicles.
  • Rally permits.
  • Short term permits.
  • Temporary movement permits.
  • Unregistered vehicle permits.

This does not include access permits for vehicles over statutory mass or dimension limits. Please contact Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services on 138 486 for details of permit requirements (see also link below).

Where the person responsible for a vehicle is a resident of WA, an interstate permit will not be recognised. A WA Temporary Movement Permit will be required to move an unlicensed vehicle.

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  How and where to get your vehicle inspected

There are numerous privately operated Authorised Inspection Stations (AIS) that can undertake vehicle inspections. These are located in metropolitan and regional areas. You will need to book and pay the inspection fee directly with that station.


  • If you vehicle is unlicensed (unregistered) you will need a Temporary Movement Permit to drive the vehicle to the inspection location.
  • Personal imports must be inspected by the Department of Transport. Please contact Vehicle Operations on 1300 776 065.
  • Personal imports cannot be inspected at an AIS.


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