On-demand transport reform

On-demand transport reforms will create a simpler environment for the industry while reducing red tape.

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The Government is proposing some important changes to the legislation governing the on-demand transport industry to make it safe, fair and simpler for all. The changes will level the playing field, give customers and service providers more choice and will encourage competition.

About On-demand transport reform

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Western Australia's on-demand transport industry has been faced with a range of challenges in recent years. Changing consumer expectations, technological advances and the emergence of new providers within the industry is driving a need for reform.

Taxi/charter vehicle owners and fleet managers

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Limits on the number of vehicles you can own or operate will be removed and so will the hours and areas you can operate in.

On-demand booking services

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All individuals and businesses that take bookings for an on-demand trip from a customer and arrange a driver and vehicle to service that trip will be required to be authorised as an on-demand booking service once the legislation is passed.

Voluntary buyback for taxi plate owners

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Taxi plate owners will benefit from an end to unfair restrictions on their business and from the most generous buyback scheme in the country.

Taxi and charter vehicle drivers

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You will be able to operate state wide at times that best suit you, under one simplified on-demand transport driver authorisation.

Regional taxi and charter vehicle operator

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You will have the freedom to operate across the state and during hours that best suit you.

Changes for customers

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Planned changes to WA's on-demand transport industry will give you more choice and easier access to safer and smarter services.

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