Download tide and wave data

View and download quality controlled tide and wave data.

DoT’s oceanographic data up to the end of the previous year can be downloaded using the map. Data for the current year can be requested using the online request form below the map.

All data provided is subject to the Department of Transport’s disclaimer, conditions of use and copyright policy.

  Historical tide and wave data - interactive map

Download data via the map

Icons represent stations where data is available. Click/tap on the icon of interest. A popup window will appear showing the metadata for the station and links to download data files. You can also access a table of tide and wave stations by clicking/tapping the arrow at the bottom of the map.

All relevant information regarding data, formats and metadata are supplied via links or in the pop up window. Download all metadata and read me files when downloading data.

Layer icon

The Legend widget displays labels and symbols for layers in the map.

Legend icon

The Layer List widget provides a list of operational layers and their symbols, and allows you to turn individual layers on and off. Each layer in the list has a check box that allows you to control its visibility.

List icon

The Attribute Table widget displays a tabular view of the layers’ attributes. It displays at the bottom of your web app and can be opened, resized, or closed. When more than one layer’s attributes display, multiple tabs automatically generate in the attribute panel allowing you to switch among the attribute tables.

  Online data request form

All data provided is subject to the Department of Transport's disclaimer, conditions of use and copyright policy.

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