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Access the live and archived images from the coast cam at Mandurah Ocean Marina.

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Live camera Mandurah Western Australia

The image above is captured from a web cam located on roof of the Mandurah Marine Operation Centre in the Mandurah Ocean Marina. The camera faces in a westerly direction.

A new image is available every minute, you may need to refresh your browser to see the new image.

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View the BOM Mandurah forecast below:

Opens in a new window Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Mandurah forecast

  Coast cam locations

The Department of Transport operates a number of coastal cameras located at:

These cameras provide near real time visual images of the coastline.

They also include an archive of beach and ocean conditions.

  Rottnest Island sea and swell directional graph

The bearing of the arrow indicates the direction of the sea and swell. The point of the arrow indicates the period of the sea and swell.

Rottnest directional graph

  Rottnest Island historical wave direction graph

The coloured circles indicate the changes in sea and swell direction over time.

Rottnest historical wave direction graph

  Rottnest Island significant wave height graph

The significant wave height is the average height of the highest one third of waves recorded. It is often the wave height reported by an experienced observer.

Rottnest significant wave height graph


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  Coast cam disclaimer and conditions of use


Coast cam information is provided to the public subject to the Department of Transport's disclaimer, privacy, copyright and conditions of use policy.

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