Nautical charts

View and download our nautical charts and Notices to Mariners.

In the interest of safe boating, the Department of Transport publishes detailed nautical charts of the Western Australian coastline for use by recreational and local commercial vessels.

These charts are not intended as meeting any chart carriage requirements under either Australian or international regulations.

Charts that meet the SOLAS V and other regulations are available from the Australian Hydrographic Office.

Download nautical charts

Use the interactive map below to download the latest nautical chart in PDF format and view the latest Notices to Mariners (NTM) for that chart. 

To download a chart:

  1. Click on the map location.
  2. Scroll to read the disclaimer in the pop up box.
  3. Click the ViewPDF link beneath the disclaimer.  

Printing nautical charts

Full-size A1 charts are available to access and download.

Charts will be up to date with all current NTM at time of download, and can be printed at the correct scale using large format printers available at a range of businesses offering printing services.

You can also print the chart as a series of A4 pages and paste them together to form a full-size A1 chart.

Notices to Mariners (chart corrections) and updating charts

We issue NTM and chart corrections to advise mariners of permanent changes to our nautical charts.

A list of NTM for each chart can be accessed via the interactive map above or the region links below.

An existing printed paper chart can be kept up-to-date via the list of Notices to Mariners.

The NTM currency statement can be found in the lower left corner of the chart.

More recent NTM can be added manually to an already printed chart, or the area of change can be printed out at scale and pasted onto the chart.

NTM by region

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