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The State of WA acting through the Department of Transport encourages the use of our charts and Notices to Mariners. Organisations and individuals may access and download the charts and Notices to Mariners free of charge.

  About our charts

In the interest of safe boating, the Department of Transport publishes detailed nautical charts of the Western Australian coastline for use by recreational and local commercial vessels. These charts are not intended as meeting any chart carriage requirements under either Australian or international regulations.

Nautical charts are navigational tools, which are vital for all craft. They provide clear, concise information about ocean depths and coastal features as well as displaying accurate information about lights, beacons, piles, nautical limits and all navigational hazards. Mariners should keep their charts up to date by regularly incorporating the relevant Notices to Mariners

The West Australian coastline is approximately 12,000 km long and includes some of Australia's most dangerous waters. The Royal Australian Navy and the Department have ongoing programs to accurately chart this vast coastline.

For charts that meet the SOLAS V and other regulations, please visit the Australian Hydrographic Service and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

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