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Find out about the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme, including the current and previous rounds, and who to contact.

  What can the RBFS be used for?

Wharf Cove
Wharf Cove

The Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) was established by a Cabinet decision in July 1998 to assist the development of public recreational boating facilities in Western Australia.

RBFS grants are awarded to state, local and other government authorities for development of public recreational boating facilities in Western Australia, including:

  • Planning new public recreational boating facilities.
  • Building new public recreational boating facilities.
  • Upgrading existing public recreational boating facilities.

The RBFS benefits the boating community by:

  • Catering for the needs of both metropolitan and regional boating communities.
  • Enhancing the safety of recreational boating facilities.
  • Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for recreational boating.
  • Providing for the ongoing development and or upgrading of boating facilities.
  • Providing funding for projects that improve access to the marine environment.

For more information and advice, please contact a Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme Officer, details below.

To find out more about who may apply, please go to the Eligibility and grant categories page.

MAC_P_RBFS_R24_Guidelines.pdf icon Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS): Round 24 guidelines Kb
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Sources of funding

The Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) is primarily funded by boat registration fees.

Point Peron
Point Peron

Funding limits

Grant applicants may request up to 75 per cent of a project's estimated cost. Successful projects may only receive partial funding if there are more proposals than funds than are available.

Grants awarded are subject to a maximum limit of $750,000 (excluding GST).

The minimum grant limit is $15,000.

The remaining project cost is funded by the applicant and can include government funding and in-kind contributions. These arrangements must be outlined in the initial application.

Disbursement of funds

Grants are generally paid in arrears. However, if a project is estimated to cost more than $120,000, applicants may request up to half of the grant to be paid up front.

Funding will be reduced if any project component specified in the application is not delivered.

  Successful projects - round 23

There is one round of Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) funding each financial year.

Rounds usually open in October and close in February, with successful applicants notified in May.

Total of round 23 grants ($)

Recreational Boating facilities Scheme: successful round 23 projects

Applicant Project Grant
City of Busselton Six additional ladders to Old Dunsborough and Abbey Boat Ramp finger jetties $15,285
City of Busselton Port Geographe Boating Facility design and construction of floating jetty to provide improved, safer access to vessels $165,000
City of Cockburn Port Coogee Marina public jetty extension to double capacity for recreational craft $170,000
City of Mandurah Mandurah Ocean Marina construction of a new 50 metre public universal access floating jetty $157,722
City of Melville Point Walter boat launching facility upgrade to provide new double lane launch ramp and central finger jetty $700,000
Shire of Carnarvon Carnarvon Fascine Entrance Study to provide a long-term plan to maintain safe navigation channel for craft $38,250
Shire of Dardanup Eaton foreshore boat ramp and jetties upgrade to allow two wheel drive access to ramp, extend western finger jetty and implement floating berthing platform $157,965
Shire of Gingin Ledge Point Boat Harbour coastal processes assessment (Stage 2) to confirm the possible impact of the proposed harbour $43,227
Shire of Woodanilling Queerearrup Lake shelter and toilet facilities $52,551

Total: $1,500,000

  Successful past projects

View the document below for details of previous projects completed under the Scheme.

MAC_P_RBFS_SuccessPastProj.pdf icon Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS): Successful past projects Kb

  Contact us

For more information, please contact:

Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) Officer.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
    (08) 9435 7532
(08) 9435 7598


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