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View the current navigational warnings for Western Australian state coastal waters.

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  14/01/2018: Mandurah waters yacht turning marker semi submerged

What appears to be a yacht turning marker located North of the entrance to Mandurah Estuary is submerged and may be a hazard to navigation.

  • Location: 32 30.410'S 115 42.816'E

  31/12/ 2018: Rottnest Island, Rocky Bay. rear lead

Rocky Bay - rear lead, orange top mark, colour faded, may be poorly visible.

  • Location: Rottnest Island, Rocky Bay, Narrow Neck.
  • Latitude: 32 0.9428'S, Longitude: 115 28.2652'E.
  • Chart reference: WA 412 - Rottnest Island.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.

  18/12/2018: Coral Bay approaches, Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay, unlit beacon, temporary starboard buoy

Risk category 2

The Starboard spar buoy, Coral Bay approaches No 17 is missing from it's position. An unlit Starboard, Tri - Nav Buoy is in place temporarily.

  • Location: Latitude: 23 7.7385'S, Longitude: 113 45.2543'E.
  • Chart reference: AUS 746, Australia, West Coast, Western Australia, Point Maud to Point Quobba WA 1108, Coral Bay.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.

  17/12/2018: South Cardinal Beacon, Teggs Channel, Carnarvon, unlit

Risk category 2.

Temporary replacement, isolated danger, buoy.

The South Cardinal Beacon at Teggs Channel No. 1A Carnarvon is unlit, submerged and may pose a Navigation Hazard.

Temporary replacement, isolated danger, buoy:

  • Light: Flashing white.
  • Location: Latitude 2454.389S, Longitude 11337.717.

Chart reference:

  • AUS 73, Australia, North West Coast, Western Australia.
  • WA 982, Carnarvon.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution at all times especially during hours of darkness.

  07/12/2018: Shark Monitoring Network, Gracetown, Cowaramup Bay

Shark Monitoring Network Buoys will be in place at Cowaramup Bay and Left Handers Gracetown.


  • Two Yellow Special Mark Buoys with 2m - 2M - Fl Y 4s will be placed at Cowaramup Bay.
  • One Yellow Special Mark Buoys with 2m - 2M - Fl Y 4s will be placed at Lefthanders.


At North Point, approximately Lat 33 51.384'S Long 114 58.772'E.

  • At Cowaramup Point Point - approximately Lat 33 51.577'S Long 114 58.568'E.
  • At Lefthanders - approximately Lat 33 53.232'S Long 114 58.790'E.

Chart: AUS 756, Australia, South West Coast, Western Australia, Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin.

Mariners are advised of the positions of new installation to Monitoring Buoys at these locations.

  16/10/2018: Unlit platform, Bambara Platform, East Barrow Island

Bambara Production Platform - East of Barrow Island at coordinates - Latitude 20 32. 8239' S - Longitude 115 36.2916' E, is reported as unlit (intermittent operation of the light):

  • Light: Mo (U) Y 18 m 10 M.
  • Location: Latitude 20 32. 8239' S - Longitude 115 36. 2916' E.
  • Charts: AUS 327; AUS 742.

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  About navigational warnings

Navigational warnings are issued by the Department of Transport to advise mariners of Aids to Navigation outages and marine hazards that represent an immediate risk to mariners.

These warnings are broadcast on VHF and HF radio networks throughout the state by the WA Water Police on the following networks.

  • Perth Metro VHF: Warnings and weather are scheduled for broadcast at 4:18 am, 1:18 pm and 7:18 pm (Channel 67).
  • Coast Radio Perth HF: Warnings only are scheduled for broadcasts at 2:25 pm and 6:25 pm each day (Channel 8176).
  • Coast Radio Hedland HF: Warnings only are scheduled for broadcasts at 12:25 pm and 4:25 pm each day (Channel 8176).

Cancelled, withdrawn or expired navigational warnings are regularly removed.

For Temporary Notice to Mariners relating to events, works, activities and operations that may affect navigational safety please refer to Temporary Notices To Mariners (TNTMs).

Before undertaking any boating activities, mariners are advised to check appropriate TNTMs, navigational warnings, chart corrections and current weather information.


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