Get a provisional licence (P plates)

  Safe driver reward (free licence renewal)

As a provisional driver you will be rewarded for your safe driving practices and your licence will be free for the first year after your provisional period, if you did not commit a traffic offence while on P plates. A suspension order that does not relate to a traffic offence (e.g. a parking fine) will not affect eligibility for a free licence renewal.

When you receive your first full licence renewal notice it will offer a one-year free renewal option or a five-year option for the price of four.

You must validate the renewal using one of the following payment methods.

  1. Using our online payment system
  2. BPAY®.
  3. By post.
  4. In person, at a Driver and Vehicle Services centre, regional agent or photopoint location

Note: You must use option 4 if a photograph and signature are required.

For more information refer to your payment options.

  Task 1:Get your provisional licence

To get your provisional licence you must:

Driving solo is a new skill and comes with responsibilities. Always abide by the rules for novice drivers as well as the general road rules:

  • Remember not to drive after drinking or taking medication that may affect your driving.
  • Avoid driving tired.
  • Don't use your mobile phone behind the wheel.
  • Keep up your good habits, like scanning for potential hazards and leaving a safe distance when following another car.

  Task 2:Display your P plates

During this time you’re considered a novice driver – meaning you’re under 19 years of age and/or have not held a driver’s licence for more than two years (in Australia or elsewhere). 

You’ll start off with red P plates and transfer to ‘green Ps’ after six months. Night time driving restrictions apply to the first six months. It's an offence if you fail to display your P plates as required.

You are also not restricted to any particular speed and can drive up to the posted speed limit on any gazetted road in WA.

Plate style Time period Description
Red P Plate First six months You must display white on red P plates and will be subject to night driving restrictions.
Green P Plate Remaining period You must display white on green P plates.

Once your provisional period is nearing completion you will be sent a renewal notice which will provide the option to renew your licence. After paying the renewal invoice, you will automatically be issued your full licence which will come into effect upon the completion of your provisional period.

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