Get a provisional licence ('P' plates)

Once you have passed the Practical Driving Assessment you will be granted a provisional licence and are able to drive unsupervised.

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Step 6

Once you have passed the Practical Driving Assessment you will be granted a provisional licence and are able to drive unsupervised.

  Task 1: Get your provisional licence

To get your provisional licence you must:

  Task 2: Be a safe driver

Driving solo is a new skill. Start carefully and gradually increase the complexity of your driving.

You can help yourself be safer in the following ways:

  • Drive for a reason.
  • Never drive after drinking or taking medication that may affect your driving.
  • Start simply.
  • When you get your 'P' plates, limit your driving in the first few months.
  • Minimise driving at night or in wet weather.
  • Don't drive when you are feeling tired.
  • Scan intersections for potential hazards.
  • Don't follow other vehicles too closely and increase the space you leave around your car.
  • Wait for a significant gap when turning into or across traffic.
  • Don't use your mobile phone while driving.
  • Keep control of potential distractions in the car, such as the radio or passengers, and stay focused on your driving.

  Task 3: Display your 'P' plates

You will have a provisional licence until you have ceased to be a novice driver and have reached 19 years of age during which time you have to display red and then green 'P' plates.

During your provisional licence period, you must display 'P' plates in a visible position at the front and back of your vehicle or motorcycle at all times.

Plate style Time period Description
Red P Plate First six months You must display white on red 'P' plates and will be subject to night-time driving restrictions.
Green P Plate Remaining period You must display white on green 'P' plates.

A person is a provisional driver's licence holder for the first two years that they hold any driver's licence (i.e. period or periods adding up to 730 days) or until they are 19 years of age (whichever is the longer period).

LBU_DL_I_PplateNightRestrction.pdf icon 'P' plates: red (printable) Kb
LBU_DL_I_PplateNoNightRestrction.pdf icon 'P' plates: green (printable) Kb

  Provisional licence restrictions

There are a number of additional restrictions that you must comply with for your provisional licence whilst you are a novice driver.

You can view these on the novice drivers page.

  Safe driver reward (free licence renewal)

To reward safe drivers, provisional licence holders who do not commit a traffic offence during their provisional period will receive a one-year free licence when they renew their licence for the first time after their provisional period has been completed.

The safe driver reward scheme was introduced to reward drivers who demonstrate safe driving practices by incurring no penalties during their provisional licence period. The scheme encourages young drivers to drive safely.

If I receive a licence suspension order, am I still eligible for the free renewal?

If you receive a licence suspension order for a traffic offence you will not be eligible for a free licence renewal.

However, if your suspension order does not relate to a traffic offence (e.g. a parking fine) this will not affect your eligibility for a free licence renewal.

How do I get my free licence?

When you receive your first full licence renewal notice it will offer a one-year free renewal option or a five year option for the price of four.

You cannot renew your licence via BPAY®, however you can use our pay online system, telephone (credit card payments only) or post. For more information refer to your payment options.


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