Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR)

The Department of Transport conducts regular aquatic reviews to ensure the safe, equitable and sustainable use of our important waterways.

  Perth Water Precinct Plan

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The Department of Transport is currently working with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to develop the Perth Waters Precinct Plan.

The Precinct Plan is intended to set a framework to determine acceptable developments/uses for the area based on defining landscape characteristics, community aspirations and environmental and cultural values. Such developments/uses include recreation, commercial nodes, public access, facilities and services infrastructure, foreshore protection, and environmental enhancement and management.

For more information on the Perth Precinct Plan please visit the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions website.

Photo credit: Matt Kleczkowski.

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  About Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR)

The Department of Transport undertakes regular Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR) throughout the state to ensure the safe, equitable and sustainable use of the State's waterways. Minor localised reviews may also be undertaken outside of a full AUR to cater for new types of activities in an area or to address site specific conflicts that arise between users from time to time.

The Department follows a standard process in completing all AURs to ensure that all views and options are considered and to ensure the broader community has the opportunity to provide feedback on any proposed changes.

If you wish to find out more about an AUR currently underway or see if an AUR is being considered in your area, please contact our Navigational Safety team.

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  Completed Aquatic Use Reviews (AUR)

Geraldton Aquatic Use Review

The Department of Transport (DoT) has completed the review of aquatic use of the waters of the greater Geraldton area ensuring the ongoing safe, equitable and sustainable use of this important waterway.

The review specifically looked at the current management arrangements in place for the greater Geraldton area and explored changes to maximise the amenity and future use.

Key stakeholders were consulted including the Mid-West Ports, Geraldton Yacht Club and the City of Greater Geraldton. DoT also received 175 responses to an online survey targeting the boating community as part of the review process.

The major outcomes of the review will see the implementation of:

  • Creation of a new water ski and parasail area to the north of the Batavia Coast Marina to reduce congestion at Town Beach ski area and provide a location for the safe operation of parasailing vessels.
  • Extension of the existing closed waters to motorised vessel area along Beresford foreshore northward approximately 240 metres to the southern side of the rock groyne to improve safety of swimmers.
  • Extension of the western edge of the Town Beach closed waters to motorised vessels area approximately 70 metres seaward to improve the safety of swimmers.
  • Increase the size of the current water ski area at Town Beach to reduce congestion.
  • Creation of a new water ski area at Pages Beach to provide an alternative area mostly for small vessels launched locally including the formal marking of the existing closed waters area.
  • Removal of the commercial parasailing area at Greys Beach.
  • Creation of a new water ski area at Drummond Cove.
MAC_P_GeraldtonAUR17FinalNavWatersPlan.pdf icon Geraldton Aquatic Use Review: Final navigable waters regulation areas - 1 Kb
MAC_G_Boating_Geraldton_Denison.pdf icon Geraldton: Port Denison boating guide Kb

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