Report a boating or marine incident

How and when to report a boating or marine-related incident.

You can report a range of marine and boating incidents to the Department of Transport (DoT).

If you’re in an emergency and require immediate assistance:

Report marine non-compliance

You can report issues involving vessels, such as speeding or creating nuisance using a Marine Non-Compliance form.

Complete a Marine Non-Compliance form and email to

The information you provide will help determine DoT’s response, such as deploy a compliance patrol to the relevant area, or launch an investigation.  

An investigation will only be considered if there is sufficient evidence and you tick the box on the Marine Non-compliance form, confirming that you’re willing to appear in court as a witness.

Report a marine incident

Recreational vessels

A marine incident is any incident involving a vessel that results in:

  • death or injury,
  • damage that effects the seaworthiness or safe navigation of any vessel involved.

Recreational vessel incidents must be reported to the DoT within 72 hours.

Commercial vessels

Commercial vessel incidents must be reported to:

Penalties may apply if you do not notify DoT within these timeframes.

To report an incident, complete a Marine Incident Report and email to

Report a swing mooring issue

You can report any issues involving recreational (yellow), courtesy (red) and emergency (white) moorings which are located in a Mooring Control Area such as:

  • unauthorised use
  • mooring clean required
  • mooring relocation concerns
  • unseaworthy or sunken vessel on a mooring.

Complete the swing mooring report and email to or contact Maritime Licensing on 13 11 56 (option 5, option 2) (Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

Report navigation hazard or faulty navigation aid

You should report broken or faulty navigation aids and navigational hazards to either:

When you report a faulty navigational aid, include the:

  • location
  • navigation aid identification number
  • type of fault, such as missing top marks or broken or malfunctioning lights.

When reporting a hazard, include the location and type of hazard.

Find out more about navigation markers.

Report maritime environmental emergencies

Maritime environmental emergencies present a significant risk to WA’s coastal environment and biodiversity of marine life.

Types of maritime environmental emergencies

Marine oil pollution is an actual or impending spillage, release or escape of oil or an oily mixture that can cause:

  • loss of life,
  • injury to a person, or
  • damage to the health of a person, property or the environment.

Marine transport emergency is an actual or impending event involving a vessel (including collision, a stranding or an incident of navigation) if that event can cause or result in:

  • material damage to the vessel or another vessel,
  • loss of life,
  • injury to a person,
  • damage to the health of a person, property or the environment, or
  • a hazard to the navigation of other vessels.

Report all maritime environmental emergencies incidents immediately by calling 08 9480 9924.

Find out more about reporting maritime environmental emergencies. 

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