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Temporary notices to mariners

Find out about temporary notices to mariners for all navigational advice, navigational warnings and aquatic events.

Use the links below to view all current temporary notices and navigational warnings in each region and statewide of Western Australia.

Cancelled, withdrawn or expired notices are regularly removed.

See nautical charts for notices to mariners (chart corrections).

Follow marine safety notices on Twitter Please subscribe to our MarineSafetyWA Twitter feed to receive regular updates on notices to mariners.

  Types of Temporary notices to mariners (TNTMs)

WA temporary notices to mariners are divided into three types:

  • Advice: Notices issued to advise the mariner of temporary navigational information considered important to safe navigation.
  • Warnings: Notices issued to advise the mariner of marine hazards such as reported navigational aid outages.
  • Event: Notices issued to advise the mariner of approved aquatic event and fireworks displays.

For other information on environmental conditions in your region, go to Coastal data and charts.

  Notices issued by other agencies

Australian Notices to Mariners are issued by the Australian Hydrographic Office. See below for other agencies that issue notices to mariners and navigational warnings.

Opens in a new window Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
Opens in a new window Department of Defence: Australian Hydrographic Office
Opens in a new window Fremantle Port Authority
Opens in a new window Kimberley Ports Authority
Opens in a new window Pilbara Ports Authority
Opens in a new window Southern Ports Authority: Marine notices


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