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Using my WA licence overseas

If you plan on driving overseas you will need an international driver permit and your domestic licence.

  Driving overseas on your WA driver's licence

It is recommended that you apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) if you want to drive overseas.  IDPs are officially sanctioned by the United Nations and accepted worldwide (in over 150 countries) as a recognisable form of identification.

You will need to carry your IDP and your Western Australian driver's licence with you when driving overseas.

IDPs are issued through state and territory motoring clubs. For more information and to apply for an IDP please visit the RAC website.

We also advise you contact the driving authority in the country you are planning to visit.

Note: The Department of Transport does not issue IDPs nor handle queries relating to driving overseas.

  Renewing your licence whilst overseas or interstate

You can renew your Western Australian driver's licence if you are temporarily interstate or overseas.

To find out how refer to renew your driver's licence.

If a new photograph is required, you will need to submit a photo kit, your licence renewal, and payment by post.

Please visit Get my photo taken for more information.


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