Moving from interstate

Find out the driver’s licence requirements when moving to WA from another Australian state or territory.

We have different proof of identity requirements to other states and agencies.

To transfer your interstate licence, you need to include your original birth certificate (not a copy or commemorative certificates will be accepted). You should also provide any supporting documents (e.g. marriage certificate). Make sure you bring physical records - digital versions will not be accepted.

If you are moving to WA to live, you must apply for a WA driver's licence within 3 months of becoming a WA resident or replace your interstate learner’s permit with a WA learner's permit.

If you hold a current or expired (less than 5 years) interstate driver’s licence, you can apply to transfer it to a WA driver’s licence.

You can transfer driver's licence for all classes of vehicle without having to undertake any theory or driving tests.

If you want to transfer an interstate vehicle registration, find out how to license a vehicle in WA.


Transfer an interstate licence to a WA driver's licence

To transfer your licence, you must visit a Driver and Vehicle Services centre, regional DoT centre or agent and:

  • submit a completed Driver’s Licence Application form (DLA1)
  • show your current interstate driver’s licence card.
  • show the required proof of identity documents (including proof of WA residence, such as a utility bill)
  • pass an eyesight test
  • declare any medical conditions or medication taken
  • pay the application fee (if required)
  • have your photograph taken.

Expired interstate driver's licence

If your interstate driver’s licence has expired by 5 or more years, you will need to complete the above steps and pay for and pass a:


Driver licence transfer application (overseas/interstate) fees

Fee type Fee
Transfer application
Overseas or expired Interstate driver's licence transfer application (if no driving test is required) $59.90
Overseas or expired Interstate driver's licence transfer application (if a driving test is required) $138.70
Licence renewal
Driver's licence renewal 1 year (non concession rate) $46.85
Driver's licence renewal 5 years (non concession rate) $163.50

Interstate learner and provisional drivers

Transfer an interstate or New Zealand learner’s permit 

If you hold a current interstate, New Zealand or Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) learner’s permit and are applying for a WA learner's permit, you can apply to have the following recognised:

  • learner’s permit or licence
  • theory test or heavy vehicle theory test
  • hazard perception test
  • supervised driving hours

To apply, visit at Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre, regional DoT office or agent and:

If hold a New Zealand learner’s permit, you will also need to submit a Certificate of Particulars from the New Zealand Transport Agency confirming the dates of your tests.


Transfer interstate provisional driver period

If you hold a provisional driver’s licence from another Australian state or territory, you can have the time you have held your provisional licence recognised when applying a full WA driver’s licence (car or motorcycles only).

The WA provisional period is a total of 730 days, or until you are 19 years of age, whichever is greater.

If your licence has been inactive for any period (due to late renewal, fines suspensions, or any other disqualification) this time will not count towards your provisional period.

  Cocos, Norfolk and Christmas Islands driver’s licences

You can transfer your current or expired (less than 5 years) Cocos and Christmas Islands driver's licence for all vehicle classes to a WA licence.

You will only be able to transfer a Multi Combination (MC class) licence if you can provide proof that you have completed approved training course in a mainland state or territory.

Only Norfolk Island car driver’s licences (C class) can be transferred to a WA licence.

  Australian Defence Force driver's licence

Spouses, dependants and eligible family members of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel are authorised to drive in WA on their existing interstate driver's licences, as long as their interstate driver's licence is valid has not been revoked.

You must carry a valid Department of Defence driver identification document, and your current interstate driver's licence when driving in WA.

A Department of Defence driver identification document must be a:

  • current ADF identity card;
  • National Defence Families Access Card; or
  • Form AB135 issued by the Department of Defence.

No other identity cards are acceptable.

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