Get my photo taken

Find out where to get your photograph and signature recorded for your Western Australian driver's licence, and what you need to bring. If you are unable to get your picture taken, you may submit a photo kit.

  When you need your photograph taken

The Department of Transport requires you to have your photograph taken when applying for a new driver's licence. Your signature is also required.

Your photograph and signature must be updated every 10 years, and should be done when renewing your driver's licence. Your licence renewal notice will inform you when this needs to be done.

For more information, please download the frequently asked questions.

LBU_DL_FAQ_YourDetailsPhoto.pdf icon Your details and photograph (Frequently Asked Questions) Kb

  What you need to bring

You will need to provide the following when having your picture taken:

  • Notice of photograph requirement, for example: your driver's licence renewal notice.
  • Proof of identity documents as required.

You will also be required to have your signature captured electronically at this time.

  About PhotoPoint outlets in Western Australia

You can have your photograph taken at Driver and Vehicle Services centres and at authorised agents.

Unless otherwise stated, Department of Transport, Driver and Vehicle Services centres are open between the hours of 8:15 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Authorised Agents may have varied opening hours, please call for details (Excludes public holidays).

To provide customers with choice and convenience in accessing our information and services, a number of driver and vehicle services can be completed at authorised agents, including:

  • Pay your Department of Transport account. 1
  • Driver's licence renewals. 2
  • Vehicle licence renewal. 3
  • Transfer of vehicle ownership. 4
  • Pay licensing offences, infringement. 1
  • Pay licensing transfer infringements. 1
  • Pay licence plate Infringements. 1
  • Pay licensing boat renewal. 5

Australia Post contact number: 13 13 18


  1. Please ensure your payment is accompanied by an invoice.
  2. Please have the driver's licence renewal notice and ensure the details on the notice are correct.
  3. Please have the vehicle licence renewal invoice and ensure the vehicle and owner details are correct.
  4. Please present the transfer of vehicle ownership invoice and ensure the details are correct.
  5. Please ensure your payment is accompanied by an invoice and that all the details are correct.

  Submitting a photo kit

If you are unable to have your picture taken at a licensing centre, regional agent or Photopoint location for the following reasons, you can submit your photograph by post.

Reasons why you may not be able to have your picture taken above include:

  • Having a medical condition preventing you from going to either of the above locations.
  • Living in a remote area within Western Australia.
  • Travelling interstate or overseas.

To submit your photograph by post, you will need to complete a photo kit (Form E13).

Please download the photo kit form below, which includes detailed instructions and the address to post it to.

LBU_F_DL_E13_PhotoKit.pdf icon Photo kit (Form E13) Kb

  Forms and documents used on this page: Get my photo taken


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