Change of address (online)

Change of address form to update your Western Australian (WA) licence details

  Change your WA address and contact details (for individuals)

Change your details without an online account

Change your WA address and contact details

Change of address, gender and name (No fees apply*)

There is no fee payable to change your name, organisation name, address or gender. However, a fee will apply if you request a replacement driver's licence document, vehicle licence document, or photocard. (see footnote)
Fee type Fee
Change of address No fee [*]
Change of gender No fee [*]
Change of name No fee [*]

[*] A fee will apply if you request replacement documents showing your new name or address, or wish to change the photograph recorded on your licence document.


You may update your address and contact details:

  • WA vehicle licence (registration) or driver's licence.
  • WA recreational boat registration.
  • WA Recreational Skipper's Ticket (RST).
  • WA Photo Card.


  • It is a legal requirement to notify Driver and Vehicle Services within 21 days of changing your address.
  • This form is for individual use only. (Not to be used for companies/organisations)
  • As part of this service and for security purposes you will need to provide the plate numbers of all vehicles licensed in your name.
  • When you have notified Driver and Vehicle Services of your change of address a change of address label will be mailed out to you within 10 working days.
  • Please affix the label to the back of your driver's licence, learner's permit or WA Photo Card in the space provided.

Change your details via your online account

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If you are already registered for an online account you can change your address and contact details by logging in and going to the 'Profile' tab.

WA, driver and vehicle licence holders

Please note you must provide a residential address. You can also enter a postal address, which is different from your residential address, for correspondence purposes only.

Unless required by the Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008, or an order issued by a Court of law of Australia, your personal licensing information cannot be disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Transport to any third party without your explicit consent.

However, the Chief Executive Officer may release aggregated statistical information to third parties.

If you have a licence issued outside WA

If you do not hold a WA licence but have recently moved to WA, please refer to the My driver's licence section for information on what your legal obligations are including if you need to obtain a WA licence.

No longer a resident in WA?

If you have left WA permanently please contact the local Licensing Authority in your new State/Territory to transfer your records. To assist you, we have provided links to the relevant state authorities below.

Return of plates

If you have a WA licensed vehicle and have recently moved to a new State/Territory, you are required to return the number plates to the Department of Transport.

  Change of address by post or fax (all types)

If you prefer, you can notify us in writing of your change of address by using the 'Change of personal details' (Form C4) provided below.

  • The change of address fax number is: 1300 669 995 or from outside Australia +61 8 9427 8191.


It is a legal requirement to notify Driver and Vehicle Services within 21 days of changing your address.

LBU_F_C4_PersonalDetails.pdf icon Change of personal details (Form C4) Kb

  Change of address stickers for driver's licences

A change of address sticker will be forwarded when your address details have been changed on your driver's licence record. This should be attached to the back of your driver's licence and/or photo card document.

A change of address sticker will not be forwarded for changes to your vehicle licence (registration) document, or for photo cards without an address.



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