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Driver's licence cards

Find out about the design and security features of your Western Australian driver's licence card.

  Design and security features of Western Australian driver's licence cards

The cards feature a design and enhanced security features to protect the community against identify theft.

The security features equal those required under current international best practice standards.

The security features ensure that forgery of the cards is much more difficult and acts as a deterrent against identity crime.

The security features on the new cards include:

  • Specialised and latest technology background printing methods.
  • Sophisticated graphic design elements, including guilloche patterns.
  • Deep laser printing of personalised information.
  • Card holder's date of birth laser engraved at base of photograph.
  • A unique serial number on each licence card.
  • A bar-code.
  • A holographic overlay.

In addition to the features listed, there are a number of covert security features that have been withheld to protect their integrity.

For more information about the enhanced cards, please refer to the fact sheet below.

LBU_P_FS_security_licence_cards.pdf icon Security of licence cards (Fact sheet) Kb


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