Licence Alert

Licence Alert online is a free service that allows you to receive an SMS or email when your Western Australian driver's and vehicle licences are near expiry. You can also download the free Licence Alert app.

  Licence Alert (online)

You can choose how you would like to receive your messages (by SMS and/or email). Electronic message reminders do not contain any of your personal information and you do not need to reply to the message.

Licence Alert (online)


You may also subscribe to Licence Alert by:

  Licence Alert app for smart phones and tablets

The free Licence Alert app allows holders of Western Australian driver's and vehicle licences to manage SMS and email reminders for their renewal notices.

With the Licence Alert app you can easily:

  • Check your driver's and vehicle licence (rego) expiry dates as well as your demerit points.
  • Create, view and update SMS and email notifications.
  • Add reminder notifications to your device.
  • Link directly to your account payment page once your licence renewal is due.
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