Stuck for a Christmas gift idea?

Stuck for a Christmas gift idea?

Why not give a personal gift that lasts with custom plates starting from only $105. Order your plates before December 4 to ensure they are ready for Christmas.

Biz plates promotion

Plates for whatever business you're in!

Buy your BizPlates and start promoting your business today.

Platinum number plate promotion

Buy your Platinum plates now

Platinum number plates are now available for purchase at DoT metro and regional centres.

Looking for unique vehicle licence plates for yourself or a friend? We have a fantastic range of optional plates to choose from. Select your series and start designing your plates now.

Christmas plate orders

Please note custom plates ordered after 4 December will be delivered after Christmas.

BizPlate series plates

Buy your BizPlate now

Read more about: BizPlate series plates

The BizPlate series is a unique optional plate series that allows customers the ability to display their selected plate characters together with a top and bottom sash message, logos and images.

Chinese zodiac series plates

Buy your Chinese Zodiac plate now

Read more about: Chinese zodiac series plates

The Chinese zodiac series is displayed on a black background. The plates include traditional animal symbols with gold coloured highlights around the border of the plate.

Custom series plates

Buy your Custom plate now

Read more about: Custom series plates

Custom series plates are a great way to make a statement and perfect for gifts.

Design series plates

Buy your Design series plate now

Read more about: Design series plates

The Design series allows you to display your chosen plate characters in one of the eight (8) colour options available.

Euro series plates

Buy your Euro series plate now

Read more about: Euro series plates

The Euro series has a Western Australian based theme and offers a variety of design options to allow you to express your individuality.

Frangipani series plates

Buy your Frangipani series plate now

Read more about: Frangipani series plates

Frangipani series plates are available with a black or pink background, featuring bright frangipani flower motifs.

Intense series plates

Buy your Intense series plate now

Read more about: Intense series plates

Display your style on your plate with the Intense series of plates. The Intense series displays vibrant plate characters on a black background.

Name series plates

Buy your Name series plate now

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Name series plates provide you with an opportunity to personalise your vehicle in the most exclusive way.

Personalised series plates

Buy your Personalised series plate now

Read more about: Personalised series plates

Still available are the original and ever popular Personalised series plates - reflective blue background and black letters and numbers.

Platinum series plates

Platinum series plate

Read more about: Platinum series plates

Platinum series plates are only available at Department of Transport metropolitan and regional centres.

Prestige series plates

Buy your Prestige series plate now

Read more about: Prestige series plates

Prestige series plates are a great way to customise your number plate and a perfect gift idea.

Retro series plates

Buy your Retro series plate now

Read more about: Retro series plates

The Retro Series consists of plate characters from the original X and U series that were first issued in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Sports series plates

Buy your Sports series plate now

Read more about: Sports series plates

For all you sports fans out there, the Sports series plates are for you. Show your support for your favourite team.

Zodiac series plates

Buy your Zodiac series plate now

Read more about: Zodiac series plates

The Zodiac series plates include gold coloured highlights, the letters 'WA', a zodiac symbol and name plus some small white stars.

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