Vehicle licence duty calculator

Use our online calculator to find out how much vehicle licence duty is payable when you licence or transfer a vehicle in Western Australia.

  Vehicle licence duty calculator (2022/2023)

Driver and Vehicle Services is required by the Duties Act 2008 to collect vehicle licence duty when a vehicle is licensed or its licence is transferred.


Any caravan defined as 'a trailer (including a camper trailer) permanently fitted for human habitation in the course of a journey' is exempt from the payment of Vehicle Licence Duty only. Transfer Fees are still charged as they are a fee that represents a cost recovery for the administration of the licensing system when a change of ownership is processed.

Fees applicable as of 1 July 2022

To display the total vehicle licence duty payable for any vehicle:

  • 1
    Select classification of vehicle (light or heavy vehicle and used/new).
  • 2
    Enter the "Dutiable value" of the vehicle in the field below.
  • 3
    Click on the "Calculate Fee Payable" button.
Please select type of vehicle
Light vehicles: GVM less than or equal to 4.5 tonnes
Heavy vehicles: GVM greater than 4.5 tonnes
Please enter a non-zero amount for Dutiable value


GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)

  • The tare/mass weight of a vehicle plus load.
  • Determined by the vehicle manufacturer as the maximum weight that the vehicle can carry.
  • A figure set by the manufacturer and is stamped on the compliance plate of the vehicle (sometimes referred to as GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight).
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