Public Transport Plan 2031

The Public Transport for Perth in 2031 document is the State Government's vision for improved and expanded public transport in Perth.

  About the plan

The plan will play a vital role in addressing congestion and accessibility issues as Perth grows to an expected population of 2.7 million by 2031.

This plan identifies the main public transport infrastructure needs and the links required between major activity centres such as universities and Perth Airport.

Key initiatives include the introduction of light rail, the development of rapid transit corridors, expansion of the rail network and more buses and trains.

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The plan was advertised for public comment for 3 months with the consultation period closing on 14 October 2011. Over 1000 submissions were received.

The Department has reviewed the submissions and the impact of higher population forecasts in providing recommendations to the Minister for Transport on proposed changes to the draft Plan.

Below is a summary of submissions document which outlines what Local Governments, Government departments and agencies, interest and advocacy groups, and members of the public said during the submission period.

The Plan is currently with the Minister for Transport for consideration.

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