Stakeholder surveys

This page offers information to industry stakeholders about opportunities provided for feedback on changes to regulations and standards.

  Review of overseas driver licence requirements (closed)

In 2017, a co-operative investigation with the Corruption and Crime Commission initiated by the Department of Transport (DoT) found that an authorised provider approved to conduct heavy vehicle driving assessments was not providing this service in accordance with DoT's testing requirements for overseas licence holders.

It was recommended that the Minister for Transport considered an amendment to the Road Traffic (Authorisation to Drive) Regulation 2014 to provide:

  • A licence issued under a foreign law becomes invalid three months after the holder first arrives in WA; and
  • A practical driving assessment failure automatically cancels a foreign or interstate licence.

A survey was developed to gain community feedback on the laws and requirements as they relate to overseas licence holders driving in WA. The survey closed on 7 October 2018.

For further background on the survey, it is recommended you read one of the following information papers:

  1. For general information, refer to the discussion paper - Driving on an overseas licence in Western Australia.
  2. For comprehensive details outlining current policy and proposed policy/regulatory amendments relating to overseas drivers, refer to the consultation paper - Recognition of overseas driver's licences.
DVS_P_DrivingOS_DL_WA_Discussion.pdf icon Driving on an overseas licence in Western Australia: Discussion paper Kb
DVS_P_RecogOS_DL_Consultation.pdf icon Recognition of overseas driver's licences: Consultation paper Kb

  Have your say on the PDA (closed)

The Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) process is an integral part of obtaining a licence to drive in Western Australia. It demonstrates a driver's ability to safely drive and control a motor vehicle.

The Department of Transport is working on a Practical Driving Assessment Improvement project and ran a customer survey regarding Practical Driving Assessment availability and user experience of log books.

The survey closed on 16 April 2018.

  Major reform: Written-off Vehicle Register (WOVR) framework (closed)

The Department of Transport (DoT) is embarking on a major reform program to improve the Written-off Vehicle Register (WOVR) framework.

As the framework has remained fundamentally unchanged since 2004 - other than a minor alteration to the damage assessment criteria in 2012 - it has become outdated.

DoT has identified a number of areas of improvement within the current WOVR framework and sought the views of stakeholders via a survey regarding these improvements, which aim to strengthen contracts, legislation, policies, systems and business processes as part of its commitment to safe vehicles.

The survey closed on 15 March 2018.

  Frontal protection systems survey (closed)

The Department of Transport published a Circular to Industry regarding the design and safety requirements for bull bars in 1995. The document was developed in conjunction with the West Australian bull bar industry. Since then the document has been updated five times, most notably in 2005 when, following discussions between all jurisdictions, examples of non-compliant bull bars were added to provide some clarity.

The fundamental requirements have not changed, however the 'Proposed updates, Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems - Construction Guidelines' document has been developed to provide additional clarity to both industry and consumers. The survey questions focused primarily on these updates.

The survey closed on 10 November 2017.

LBU_P_Proposed_Updates_FPS_Construction_Guidelines_Consultation.pdf icon Proposed updates: Vehicle frontal protection systems - Construction guidelines Kb

  Tow truck regulations updates survey (closed)

This survey was anonymous and closed on 22 October 2017.


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