Evaluation, monitoring and reporting

We prioritise comprehensive evaluation and monitoring of WA’s active transport network, programs and projects to ensure all decisions are evidence based and lead to improvements in program delivery and outcomes.

WA Bicycle Network Data and Monitoring Strategy

We are working to make it easier for Western Australians of all ages and abilities to walk, wheel and ride as part of their everyday journeys, and to feel comfortable, confident, and safe in their experience.

The purpose of the WA Bicycle Network Data and Monitoring Strategy is to set out our plan for how to collect and analyse data about who is riding, why they’re riding, and where they ride. Having robust and informative data helps to guide investments in WA’s active transport network that support people to walk, wheel and ride.

While bike riding data, and some walking data, forms the majority of information collected and reported on currently, the emergence of other modes of active travel will result in the need to consider different modes of transport, including eRideables, in the future.

WA bike riding count data reports

Our bicycle network is monitored using permanent bike counters located mainly on off road shared paths in the Perth metropolitan area, with some counters located in strategic regional locations.

The counters provide an accurate, continuous record of bike riding at these sites.

Our annual Making Tracks – Monitoring WA’s Bicycle Network Report provides valuable insights into bike riding activity in WA, including data from the bike counter network and community survey insights where available.

More information about the bike counter network is available in the WA bike counter network overview. Counter locations and some high-level statistics can also be found on the Trafficmap website.

WA community survey reports

We use community surveys to monitor participation and community sentiment towards active transport. This information provides valuable insight into people who walk, wheel and ride in WA, and provides important understanding and context to the changing patterns of the community’s active transport behaviour. 

Findings are reported annually in the People’s Pulse Report – Active Travel Community Insights and are drawn from the National Walking and Cycling Participation Survey and Department of Transport (DoT) Community Surveys.

The National Walking and Cycling Survey is conducted every two years and provides insights on bike riding and walking activity and trends across WA and compares them with those of other Australian states and territories. It is a key initiative of Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2020, annual DoT Community Surveys of Perth and Peel residents have been conducted to monitor community sentiment towards, and participation in, bike riding and walking.

The community survey data provides additional insights that help shed light on patterns observed in the bike counter data, and vice versa. Together, the counter and community survey data provide a comprehensive picture of at least the most popular modes of active travel (walking and bike riding).


Working with our partners, all projects, small or large, incorporate a robust evaluation component to ensure public funds are being used efficiently and effectively to achieve project impacts.

Evaluation and progress reports for major programs of work can be found within project webpages including:

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