Feedback and complaints

We want to hear what you have to say about our services. Your feedback will let us know what is important to you, as we continuously try to improve our services.

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  Driver and Vehicle enquiries (online)

This form is designed for Driver and Vehicle (licensing) enquiries only.

Please note we will not respond to any feedback which contains sexist, racist or any other anti-social or inappropriate comments.

  General feedback, compliments and complaints

Please use the general feedback form if you would like to offer a suggestion, send a compliment or make a complaint.

Please note we will not respond to any feedback which contains sexist, racist or any other anti-social or inappropriate comments.

  Why do we use web form security?

The 'captcha' system helps to protect our website from malicious activity.

We recommend that before submitting a form, you refresh the code until you receive one that is easy for you to read.

The code may be refreshed as many times as you like.

  • Please type the security codes, the codes must match those displayed.
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The 'captcha' system is industry best-practice and, importantly, it is accessible to people with impaired sight.

  • It is highly reputable and cost-effective.
  • Many of its competitors are said to be easy to defeat.
  • It conforms to a plain text format.
  • It allows for IP address filtering and detection.

As a bonus, by entering the validation codes, you are helping to digitise books, newspapers and old time radio shows.

  Taxi service complaints

If you are unhappy with your taxi driver or the service provided, please contact the taxi company directly.

Taxi companies must follow a formal complaints process which is monitored by the Department.

  • How to lodge taxi service complaints and feedback

  Fax and post details

You may download the form below and either fax or post it to us.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
  The Customer Feedback Coordinator,
Department of Transport,
GPO Box C102,
Perth WA 6839
  (08) 6551 6942  

Feel free to hand your completed form to our counter staff at one of the Department's office locations.

Please note we will not respond to any feedback which contains sexist, racist or any other anti-social or inappropriate comments.

DOT_F_Feedback.pdf icon Compliments, complaints and feedback form Kb

  Complaints management policy

DOT_I_CompPol.pdf icon Complaints management policy Kb

  Public interest disclosure

The Department of Transport (DoT) strongly supports disclosures being made by people regarding possible improper conduct, including mismanagement of public resources under the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Act 2003 (The PID Act). For more information visit the Public Interest Disclosure page.

  National Relay Service (NRS)

National Relay Service (NRS) logo
National Relay Service (NRS) logo

If you have a speech or hearing difficulty, you can contact the National Relay Service (NRS) on 13 36 77 for assistance. This is an Australia-wide telephone service available at no additional charge.

  • NRS phone number 13 36 77

  Translating and interpreting

CALD logo
CALD logo

For customers who are more comfortable with languages other than English, phone 13 11 56 and request an interpreter for your language. This service is available for Department of Transport related matters Monday to Friday between am to pm.

DoT can also provide on-site interpreters for face-to-face interviews.

Licensing related information is also available in various languages.

  Feedback and complaints: Documents


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