Contractor information

The Department of Transport (DoT) manages over 30 maritime facilities state-wide from Point Samson in the north to Esperance in the south, with a significant program of infrastructure planning, design and construction to improve and expand facilities for the betterment of WA.

Delivery of this state-wide program is enabled through a range of contracts including:

  • Maritime Engineering and Technical Services panels (AS 4122);
  • Design and Construct (AS 4902);
  • Construct Only (AS 2124);
  • Minor Works (AS 4906);
  • State-wide Dredging Maintenance (AS 4000); and
  • State-wide Asset Management & Maintenance Services.

In addition to direct contracting opportunities, subcontractors and suppliers are encouraged to enquire with short-listed or successful tenderers to seek opportunities with head contractors engaged by us. Where information is available, this will be published on Tenders WA.

DoT actively encourages participation of Aboriginal businesses in the delivery of its state-wide works program and is striving to exceed targets set within the State Government’s Aboriginal Procurement Policy.

Aboriginal businesses seeking contracting opportunities are encouraged to register with one of the below business directories:

All current public tender opportunities are available to view on Tenders WA.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The WA Government’s Strategic Forward Procurement Plan contains data on procurements valued at $250,000 and above planned by Government agencies across two financial years.

For more information on upcoming procurements, please visit Strategic Forward Procurement Plan - Public Report. 

All public tender opportunities will be advertised via Tenders WA.

Project bank accounts (PBAs)

A project bank account (PBA) is a bank account that operates under a trust for Department of Transport construction contracts that meet certain value thresholds. Rather than monthly payments being made from Department of Transport directly to the contractor’s regular bank account, monthly payments are paid into the PBA and funds are the dispersed to the contractor’s regular bank account and participating subcontractors and suppliers in the supply chain at the same time.

  • PBAs are intended to:
  • provide a degree of insolvency protection;
  • speed up the payment process for parties lower down in the supply chain; and
  • increase transparency and accountability in the payment process.

PBAs apply to construction contracts where the tender sum is at or above $1.5 million (including GST), and the contractor will engage one or more subcontractors. The model only applies to first tier subcontractors, not second tier subcontractors.

How does this affect contracts?

  • Department of Transport works contracts at or above $1.5 million now include the use of PBAs.
  • Head contractors are required to:
  • Establish a PBA at the start of the contract.
  • Advise details of eligible subcontractors (contract value >$20,000 (inc. GST))
  • Payment claims will include the progress claim from the Contractor, plus a breakdown of payments for subcontractors.

PBA documents

Where a PBA applies, relevant documents will have been provided to you upon contract award. A copy of the Contractor’s Guide to setting up a PBA for Department of Transport contracts is provided below.

Further information

Further general information can be found below, however Department specific amendments may apply so always refer to documentation provided upon contract award.

Project bank accounts for contractors

  Panel contracts for maritime engineering and technical services

The Department has in place several panel contracts for the provision of maritime engineering and technical services.

Panel Contract DOT404017 covers a broad range of discrete disciplines with several contractors/consultants represented against each. This panel contract is in place for up to 8 years, commencing 1 July 2018.

Panel Contract DOT410317 covers multi-disciplinary maritime engineering and technical services and is predominantly utilised for detailed design and construction stage technical support during the delivery phase. This panel contract is in place for up to 8 years, commencing 8 February 2019.

These panel contracts may be refreshed or amended at the Department’s discretion.

The map linked below displays the boundaries for the Regional Development Commission Regions and is to be used in conjunction with the DoT Panel Contracts for Maritime Engineering and Technical Services when claiming 'Disbursements and Expenses'.

Regional boundaries map - disbursements and expenses

Drawing standards and approvals

Drawings prepared for the planning and design of maritime infrastructure projects are required to meet certain drafting standards for content, presentation and approvals. The following document, Drawing Standards and Approvals Guideline sets out the requirements that must be followed by consultants and contractors. 

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