License a vehicle without an inspection (Dealers)

How vehicle dealers can license a vehicle without inspection.

Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers may be able to license specific light vehicles without an inspection.

This may include light vehicles which:

  • have driven less than 100,000 kilometres;
  • are less than 3 years old;
  • have been previously licensed in Australia and in National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS); and
  • can only be licensed solely for the purpose of selling or re-selling in the ordinary course of business.

Only vehicles that meet the above criteria and are licensed directly into a licensed dealer’s name will be exempt from inspection.

Vehicles not exempt from inspection

The following vehicles cannot be licensed without an inspection:

  • 'Dangerous Goods Vehicles' (Condition code 995 - Deferred examination vehicle is to be examined before renewal)
  • heavy vehicle (more than 4.5 tonnes GVM)
  • imported vehicles
  • one of a kind, individually constructed vehicles
  • public passenger carrying vehicles (buses, taxis, charter vehicles used for hire and reward)
  • vehicles subject to annual inspection
  • trailers (including trailer plant) and caravans
  • vehicles on the 'Written Off Vehicles Register' (WOVR) except where the vehicle has an I condition (Inspected Write-Off - 307 condition Repairable Write-Off)
  • vehicles that have been modified other than the factory specifications
  • vehicles licensed in WA and have a status of registered
  • vehicles with cancelled or suspended licences.

How to apply

To apply to license a vehicle without exemption you must complete and submit a:

  • Application to License a Vehicle or Transfer a Vehicle Licence Motor Vehicle Dealers (Form VL12) when the vehicle is being licensed to the dealership.
  • License a vehicle without inspection: Motor Vehicle Dealers only (Form E79) form, including the required photographs of the vehicle compliance plate and odometer reading.

If you have Dealer Online access, you can submit the forms and complete the transaction online.

If you do not have Dealer Online access, you can submit the completed forms in person at a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre.

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